Wednesday, July 26, 2017

So Glad I Never Threw In The Towel...

A few weeks into my training with my coach Heather Leiggi and I'm just obsessed with my training and loving the fact that I'm being coached. I love the structure and really enjoy the workouts she is giving me; well for the most part. I was reminded of how worried I was before the start of this whole process in my journey to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City and I almost want to laugh and I really want to cry. I was so hard on myself and thinking so negatively about everything. But OMG it's amazing. I went out this past Saturday to Milton Delaware to get a brick ride and run in with Heather. The almost 3 hour ride went by so quick because we were chatting away. I loved being able to spend time on the bike with someone other than myself and I'm glad it was her. I realized from that ride (a) I don't have to be fast to be happy and (b) I need to do some serious work when it comes to my bike nutrition and how much I should be taking in versus what I'm taking in right now. The brick run was good for the 20 minutes. It was super duper hot and sunny and when I asked Heather about walking she asked me if I wanted her to kick my butt; that there was good motivation to keep running. Lunch and Ice Cream followed the brick workout; in which we got to learn more about each other. Overall; it was a fun day and I'd so drive out to Milton again to train with her. But now that FUN is over from that back to my training because I WILL NEVER throw in the towel with my training or with being coached by Heather. I care too much about this sport and about Atlantic City too much to do anything like that. Onward.

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