At Peace With Pike's Peek 10k

1 Hour and 47 Seconds (official time) and 1 Hour and 49 Seconds (my Garmin's time) and you know what? I'm OK with it. At first I wasn't but now... now I'm content with how the 2019 Pike's Peek 10k actually went. This well known DC Area 10k is run from the Shady Grove Metro Station down Rockville Pike and ends at Pike&Rose. Even though this was my third time running this 10k it will ALWAYS remain a bucket list race.

My mile splits actually got slower and slower as the race went on but once again I'm at peace with this. My goal was to ultimately break 50 minutes when I first signed up in January. I believed there would be enough time to build that speed in my legs to get me to that goal. Well life happened and my training wasn't necessary ideal. I missed too many key Track and Speed workouts; so I adjusted my goals a bit. Both my coach and I thought breaking the 1 hour mark was do-able and I almost made it happen. I never told anyone; not even my coach b…

Six Days Apart

The countdown is now down to 6 days until the Montgomery Ancient Mariners Albatross Open at Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center in Rockville, Maryland and 12 days until Zones at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. At Albatross I am swimming the 100 Meter Butterfly and the 100 Meter Breaststroke; while at Zones I'm swimming the 1650 Yard Freestyle aka The Mile. Both masters swim meets will be fun but will have some challenges. Albatross will be a challenge because this will be the FIRST Albatross without my sweet friend Margot Pettijohn; who passed away in December after a short and intense battle with Lung Cancer. I'm swimming the 100 Fly and 100 Breast because she ALWAYS swam those among many other events at Albatross. I am solely dedicating Albatross to Margot. I really don't care much about my seed times and if I am able to swim them as put down because this meet is for Margot and NOT for times. Zones and the 1650 will bring it's own challenges because its 66 f…

Maryland Pride

Not that I don't have enough swim caps already; but how do you like this new silicone cap? I saw a bunch of Maryland themed swim caps in the Swim Cap and Goggle Vending Machine at Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center; where a I work and swim. I have so many latex caps but I hate how they pull on my hair when I try to take my cap off after I'm done swimming; so I try to use silicone caps when I can. There were a few Maryland swim caps to choose from but I really liked this one. Now I'm a happy swimmer and can show my pride for the state of Maryland as I swim.

More Than For Me...

This coming season will be my 15th season doing triathlons. Each season; I like to change things up, do something different. This milestone season in the sport is much more than about me. On Saturday September 28th; I will complete the Kinetic Multisports Waterman's Half Iron Distance Triathlon. I will swim 1.2 mile, cycle 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles through Rock Hall, Maryland and other nautical towns on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This triathlon season is dedicated to each and every girl I have coached in the past and am currently coaching through Girls on the Run of Montgomery County. Throughout my triathlon season I am a Girls on the Run Solemate and am raising money for Girls on the Run of Montgomery County. My goal is set at $500 but I hope to raise more than that. I am so happy that I am finally getting to be a Solemate and am doing triathlons for more than just me. If you'd like to make a small donation, click here. Thank You in advance for your generosity and hel…

A Third Year...

I am so super happy to announce that for a THIRD year I am an SBR Sports, Inc Ambassador. I LOVE and LIVE BY their products. I wasn't too worried that I wouldn't get my spot on the ambassador team but when I got the email; I was jumping up and down for pure excitement.

My ALL TIME favorite SBR Sports, Inc product is by far TriSlide. I use it when swimming, cycling, and running. The 4 ounce spray can is easy to carry in my swim, bike or run bag when I train and race. It keeps me from chafing and blistering. If you have any questions about any of the products SBR Sports, Inc. makes just ask. Also I will have discount codes for everyone as soon as I get them so stay tuned.

Another Sprint for 2019

While working on a triathlon resource guide for a upcoming Newbie Triathlon Clinic at SwimLabs Montgomery County; I found another triathlon to add to my schedule. As much as I am NOT a fan of pool swim triathlons; I found the Tri It Now Ladies Choice Triathlon as part of a Multisport Festival a week before my 35th birthday. The Triathlon consists of a 400 yard pool swim, an 8 mile bike, and a 2 mile run. It's still within a good price range and doesn't conflict with any baseball games so I'm probably going to sign up for it. Yay; triathlon season will start a month earlier.

2019 Mileage Goals

Besides goals for masters swim meets, running road races, and triathlons; I have certain goals for each sport that I love to do and participate in. I want to SWIM 250 miles; CYCLE 2500 miles, and RUN 800 miles. In the end numbers don't matter but they kind of do. I'll be spending quality time doing each sport individually with my race schedule; so I know I can hit these goals and numbers. Here's to an adventurous and phenomenal and successful 2019 of training and racing.