Wednesday, July 19, 2017

One Month Down...

Today the countdown to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City hits 59 days until race day. I usually don't like to count up or count down but this is a special race for me. I'm FINALLY registered for an Ironman Branded 70.3 and will get to race it. I signed up for this race last October and it's now so close. I've registered in the past for other branded races and have had to pull out; so this will be my first one. It's taken me 13 years being in this wonderful sport of triathlon and YES I finally get to do it. I'm excited for so many things to happened that weekend in September but I have a LONG way to get to the start line.
In order to get to the start line I first must conquer my training. Thanks to Tri Equal and the Equally Inspiring Team; I am getting three months of free coaching from Heather Leiggi who is a pro triathlete and coach. She is paying it forward and I deeply grateful for this opportunity. It's now been a month that I've been getting coached. It's been a crazy awesome experience. My body is tired and fatigue a lot but it should be all worth it come the end of my tri season. On a normal week I start with a rest day then have three swim, cycle and run workouts and a brick workout come the weekend. There have been ups and downs. I'm trying to learn not to beat myself up when things go wrong and I'm getting slightly better at it. I have missed a few workouts over the past few weeks and it usually bothers me. Some days I have just gotten the workout done the next day so I don't feel guilty about missing a quality workout. I've gotten stronger in the swim and on the bike; but the run has been an issue. I've never been a great runner but I'd like to improve on my pace a bit so I can feel more confident during my race and not dread it. It's getting there and it will; I just have to be patient. Onward kids. Lets Do This. Love This Journey and Love This Sport. Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City Here I Come.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Body and Attitude Is Toast...

It's Wednesday and my body still feels like toast from the long course masters meet at Wilson Aquatic Center in DC this past Sunday. The two hundred fly never hurt, the fifty breast was forever long, and the four hundred individual medley got annoying because I got water up my goggles. I was impressed with how the meet went though. The thing I'm waiting for is whether or not I get a Top 10 time or not in the 200 fly for the gals 30 - 34 age group.
So back to the fact it's Wednesday. I was thankful for my rest day Monday; even though workouts never got accomplished on Sunday due to the fact that I was tired from the meet. My swim last night was awful and slow and not great. Though I never gave up on the workout; I was pretty upset that my splits were slower than normal. My run this morning was awful as well. My average minute mile pace at the end of three miles was disgustingly yuck; I blame the warm temps and the high humidity. My bike ride; OMG I'm a little upset I didn't get it in today but I will get it done tomorrow, no excuses. Lets hope my attitude is better so I can have better days. I want to make my journey to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City memorable and something I will never forget.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Confidence Booster Thanks To Week Two...

When I first saw what was in store for me within my second week of training; I couldn't fathom what I saw in training peaks and what I would write down in my handy dandy Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City training notebook. The thought of 3 swims, 2 bikes, 2 runs, 1 bike run brick, and 1 rest day didn't scare me one bit. The one bit of it that scared me was could I actually somehow fit in ALL my training and NOT miss a workout. Well guess what?
It seemed impossible until it got done. Day by Day and Workout by Workout; I got them done. I had to slow down and take a deep breathe so I wouldn't get overwhelmed; which in turn would have raised my anxiety level by a whole lot. When I first saw my bike workout for Wednesday; I was like "OMG... How will I ever do that". The warm up of 20 mins easy build with 4-6 30 sec pickups was fine and so was the 10 min easy spin cool down. What got me was the main set; 3 by 5 min in zone 4 making sure my cadence (number of times my pedal makes a full revolution) is between 85 and 95 rpm (revolutions per minute). My mouth dropped because NEVER HAVE I EVER been able to hold that kind of cadence. Well guess what happened??? Yep; got it done! Seemed totally impossible UNTIL I actually accomplished it with flying colors.
I had gotten my workouts done with no brain issues telling me I couldn't all week; that was until my bike run brick (run right off the bike to get the legs used to what they'd feel like race day). My 2 flipping hours and 30 minutes on my bike on what was a hot and sunny Saturday would then be followed by a 15 minutes sizzling run. Ugh; my brain wanted to quit once the bike was over. I had gotten out pretty early Saturday and rode the first hour and 30 minutes on my own. It was nice thought; even though my dad (who is an avid cyclist himself) was getting over a pretty bad cold, he kept me company on my last hour of my ride. I had already done a full North and South loop of Beach Drive in Maryland and DC in Rock Creek Park and wasn't sure I could handle another North end loop. But Dad came to the rescue for me. He knew this wasn't an ALL OUT ride, so he just sat behind me and let me set the pace. When we got back to the cars; I traded my helmet for my running visor and my bike shoes for my running shoes. This was the part of my workout where I had to think about what WHY I started this journey in the first place. Between tan lines, finish lines, friends, and just pure joy and happiness; my 15 minute run was somewhat of a stinko kind of run but alas even in the sun and heat, it got done.
As I now go into a so much wanted and needed REST DAY; I think about the following. I am unique and unbreakable and unstoppable. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will keep me from continuing this journey to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. I know from past experiences with long course triathlon training; this won't get easier; but i'm gonna do EVERYTHING to keep my thoughts in perspective. Onward to Atlantic City. Onward to another wonderful week of training. Oh and YAY it's less than a week now until I swim the 200 Butterfly, 50 Breaststroke, and 400 Individual Medley at a long course masters meet in DC.

Friday, June 30, 2017

What I Want...

This week I have been over consumed with working at both the indoor and outdoor pools but of course mostly with my training for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. Being consumed in numbers this week between yardage and heart rate and cadence and pace among many other random ones; I've had the time to think about what it is I want with everything triathlon related. After two weeks of coaching; I want to be coached from here on out. Sometime at the end of the July; I will talk to Heather about the future after she's done Paying It Forward thanks to Tri Equal's Equally Inspiring Team. I like her workouts and so far I like her as a coach. When it comes to race weekend in Atlantic City; the only person I want to be there is her. I don't want to be mean to family and friends who I'm sure would love to come support me; but I want to go to a race all by myself; but if Heather has nothing to do that weekend; I want her there. I'll bring that up as well. I also have been thinking about accepting myself as a triathlete this week. I've done the workouts as needed; I am a triathlete and will always be a triathlete; I know that. Its been quite sometime since I've been a star at the sport. It was nice to be known; it was nice to have friends. I'm ok with not being at the top but I feel like there were so many people out there who liked me ONLY because I was a beast and because I was at the top. There are so many triathletes who I once talked to who haven't talked to me in ages because I'm middle to back of the pack now. I still enjoy the sport but its a different enjoyment now; one of which I like and dislike the same amount. I guess that's all for now because there surely wasn't much to write about today. Onward to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City and Onward to many bike and run miles this weekend.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Main Set Was Not That Miserable...

Unlike a week ago; this Tuesday at L4 Swimming masters practice was so much better and I WILL NOT I repeat WILL NOT be throwing in the towel. I will instead be giving it my best and only giving 100% each day what I can give. Everybody for the most part thinks I don’t give myself enough credit and they are so correct about that. I rarely give myself credit and I don’t praise myself for my abilities. Well this Tuesday night; I have a lot of pride to show for what I tackled at practice.
I ended up cutting warm up a little short so I could get the whole main set in. My triathlon coach likes to see data from my main set when I go to masters swim on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The warm up was boring and lame anyways; Lol. The first I see when the marker board was shown to me with the main set was DESCEND; damn it, I absolutely stink at DESCEND. I can never get faster like descending is meant to be. Well; guess what? I descended the first set of the main set which was 3x 100s on the 2 mins. Not just did I do a great job at descending; I killed it. Each 100 got 5 seconds faster; which means overall from 1 to 3 I descended by a whopping 10 seconds. Go Me!!!!! After the 100 easy free I knew this set would be getting somewhat harder. The next part of the workout was 6x 50s descend by groups of 2; your choice that doesn’t equal free. Of course you guessed it; I did butterfly. With the long course meet at Wilson Aquatic Center on July 9th and doing the 200 fly I need to get my endurance back to where it’s at so I can successfully complete the event in a 50 meter pool. If you look at my splits; I very much descended by groups of two; haha except the last 2 50s. I kinda ascended or barely stayed even. Lately I’ve found sprint butterfly to be hard because my stroke is not exactly in rhythm. After the next 100 free easy it was 100 ALL OUT your choice. Guess what I did; wait for it; tada Butterfly. Now this sucked major. My body was tired from the 6x 50s fly and the 100 easy didn’t give my body any recovery. I honestly can’t complain about a 1:39 in short course yards; but I think my meters time was slightly faster and meters is longer than yards. I did the last 100 easy then cooled down and was done.
I have to be proud; right. I mean that main set was brutal and I did it and put in a solid effort. But hey look at the bright side; I’m ahead of where I need to be to hit 250 swimming miles this year and so close to being 50% of the way there. I’m at 123.99 miles right now. I need to be at 125 miles to be halfway. Wow oh wow; I’ll get there. Today’s workouts include a 30 minute run in Zone 2 and an hour bike; the main set consisting of 3x 5 minutes with a 5 minutes recovery in Zone 4; yikes. Ready to conquer week two and ready to go Onward to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

This Girl's Got GOALS...

As week two being coached by Heather Leiggi starts tomorrow; I have goals to get done. The first goal is to NOT start counting down to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. I want to be able to enjoy this journey and having the chance to be coached. I want to inspired by what I can do and what goals I can reach. Besides enjoying the journey I want to feel less stressed about things; including not getting myself worked up about a bad workout or thinking Heather may not like me one bit. Both happened in week one and I seriously almost threw in the towel. Everyone has ups and downs in training and in life. I had several ups and many downs last week; but I made it and I should be proud. The other thing is something that is a habit. I don’t think Heather dislikes me; or well I hope not. I know she won’t judge and she’s here to guide me. I should be happy and think positively about that stuff.
This week I have so many workouts to do. I know that it will be tough to manage to get everything in but I can get it done. I’m very committed to this training and this journey and this process. From what I glanced at of my training plans; Wednesday could be tough to get done. I have both a bike and run scheduled, but it’s not a brick (which will get done on Saturday). Wednesday is a busy day for me to have two workouts with swim lessons to teach and my therapist appointment which I need to go to. But I’ll get everything done. Looking at my plans seem overwhelming; so in this case I just have to do it. Onward to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City my friends.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


I'm pretty sure one of the requirements of being on #TeamHeather is Never Giving Up, Not Using Quitting As An Option, and having to say to myself I Got This. Two workouts this week have been hard and on the strugglebus as I call it. Tuesday at L4 Masters Swimming when I almost threw in the towel on this coaching thing even though it was my masters coach who gave the workout not Heather. Today was also a strugglebus type bike workout. I went down to Hains Point to ride and boy was the wind gusting hard; must have been close to 30 miles per hour. I eventually gave in on the workout. I don't however feel like a failure. This training for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City is NOT supposed to be easy at all. I have to work hard and Heather wants me to give it my best. No worries that I will give it my best because I always do. I have felt like quitting so much this week but I won't because I want both IronGirl Columbia Sprint and especially Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City so bad. I Got This and I Will Do This. No Quitting Allowed.