A New Ohana

So last Thursday I got the email I had been waiting for. I made the Zoot Sports Team Zoot for 2019. I have a new ohana and am very excited about it. I know it's just another ambassador team but I'm a big believer of the brand. Off and on for the past 14 years I've worn Zoot. The brand is cute, comfortable, and affordable for a major triathlon clothing brand. I am still so happy I made the team like you won't believe it. It means alot to me; so much I still don't have words to describe these feelings. I know I'll make a great ambassador and can't wait to find out what the team kit will look like. I'm still gonna order the 83 kit; just don't know what pieces of the kit I'll order. It was great to get so much positive feedback from friends and fellow triathletes when I posted that I made the team. More updates as they become available. But here's to a new Ohana and a new Family for 2019. Let's Do This!

Sleeveless or Short Sleeve...

Not the blog post I was gonna post originally but I do have a decision to make. It's the evening of Thursday November 1st and I have yet to hear from Zoot Sports to know if I did or didn't make the 2019 Team Zoot. I guess in so many ways it doesn't matter because no matter what I'm wearing Zoot in 2019. I mean I have so much Zoot apparel and it's comfortable so I'm going to stick with it. I know I'm going to order one of the kits from Zoot, the Women's 83 Collection, just not sure if I should go for a Sleeveless or Short Sleeve Onesie. Wish Me Luck (Or Help Me Choose)!

Different Attitude

So I'm trying this new thing; it's called having a better attitude toward things related to triathlon. Where I can improve; having a more positive attitude about the coaching thing. I think I was just having a terrible day when I blogged about how the coaching thing and things with my coach are not ideal. In fact; that was a negative attitude. If there were issues that my coach was having with me she would have told me. I mean there have been things here and there; but she is still my coach and hasn't given up on me yet. So we can totally now disregard yesterday's not so ideal part of my blog post. Where I have improved; my attitude toward a not so hot training session. What I mean is today's swim session sucked butt as I am going to put it. I could have definitely beaten myself up about each 400 Pull with Paddles getting slower and slower; but I chose not to do that. Instead I embraced the fact that I kept both sets of 3x100s Swim and the one set of 8x50s FAST Pul…

Ideal and Not

I just looked here and saw it's been almost a whole month since the last time I blogged. So much has happened since I've last blogged but I can't talk about most of what's been going on. Let's just say I'm hoping something good happens between now and later; because things have been less than ideal for me. I've been scared to reach out to my coach about things now that I've been crossing the line for a few weeks time. I'm laying low and just not even going to have any contact with her for sometime now. If I feel better by the start of November; maybe I'll have the guts to email her but most likely I won't be having any contact with her until at least December when I get signed for my BIG HUGE DEAL triathlon for next season. I don't know if she reads my blog but I can't worry about if she does. She'll say something to me if she does see this. But basically right now I just need to STOP myself from communicating with her. It can do…

My 2019 Triathlon Schedule

So yeah... don't know the dates of any of these races but I'm pretty sure of my 2019 Triathlon Schedule. All these triathlons are put on by the WONDERFUL and AMAZING race management group Kinetic Multisports. So I'll get three Sprints, one Olympic, and one Half Iron next year. I'm excited about the challenge of racing (possibly) 5 Triahtlons in one season. Haven't done it in so long. Will be it Easy... Heck NO but will the journey and process be worth it... YOU BET. Oh and did I mention I age up next season to the gals 35-39 age group... So scary yet kinda exciting!

My Favorite Triathlon Apparel Brand

So in LOVE with Zoot Sports triathlon and running apparel. I ONLY have a run tank, a tri tank, and two pairs of tri shorts BUT it's been well worth the money spent. Here is the small collection of what I have so far... Women's LTD Run Sunset Chill Out Ink Tank. I just received this in the mail this afternoon and can not wait to wear it. The back says "Swim Bike Run" on it so you know it's a triathlon branded company. The fabric is really soft and it should work well on my short run tomorrow. Women's Performance Good Vibes Racerback Tri Tank and Women's Performance Good Vibes 6 Inch Tri Shorts. I wore this kit for both USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals in Cleveland Ohio and for the North East Sprint Triathlon in North East Maryland; both races were in August. Even though there is alot of black on the kit (which usually makes me feel over heated and such racing in the sun); it is a cute and comfortable kit. Also what's great about the kit; I got i…

Wanting To Challenge Myself...

Tomorrow turns the page to week FOUR of my off-season. The past three weeks were just super easy and super light. Even though I haven't taken a good look at all my workouts; this week my coach is most likely gonna give me some workouts that challenge me. I don't know for sure if I'm FULLY recovered yet but we'll see this week. I have one rest day, two swim days, two bike days, and two run days. I know the volume is still a little on the light side but I think there might be a little more intensity than there has been. I'm hoping for some challenges in my training this week; just to keep me going and feeling good about the NOTHING that I have coming up for a while.