Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Baby It's Gonna Be Cold Outside

So it's supposed to be freezing cold tomorrow with wind chills in the 20s but I really don't care; I'll be at the track by 5:30 at the earliest or 5:45 am at the latest. I'm doing this because it's on the training plans but also because I want to have a good off-season. I want to and need to and be prepared for an EPIC 2018 season. I saw a quote earlier this week that says "Triathletes bodies are made in the winter". The quote stood out. For me it said that the winter is when my body will get prepared for the spring, summer, and fall; basically my 2018 season. I have to go out tomorrow morning. It will be cold but it's something I need to do. I'm committed to my off-season. I'm committed to getting out in the cold and darkness. I'm just committed. I'm being coached so I need to be accountable for getting my workouts in. I want to continue to work hard.
Another reason I want to run; I need break in my brand new Mizuno Wave Rider's since the now former pair has holes in them. Looking forward to pushing it on the track tomorrow morning.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Wanting To Rebel

So this past weekend was not the weekend I was hoping to have had; which is very good actually. The ORIGINAL plan was to be a rebel and not get my workouts in. The FINAL plan and the plan that was EXECUTED; I got all my workouts in. I got two bike trainer rides and one run outside done. It has something to do with it being the off season that I did't want to get my workouts in. I procrastinated until 10 pm Saturday night to get my 1 hour 30 minute ride in; partially due to the face that I worked all day at the front desk at the pool. Sunday morning there was still snow on the ground and I was scared of icy roads from overnight re freezing so I thought about doing my hour long run on the treadmill. I then was like nope going outside. Took it easier and was cautious and I ended up having a gorgeous run on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park. Then this LAST workout for the weekend; I wasn't able to get in till later in the day. I complained and moaned for some of it; but got it done. My attitude has been lame and my motivation has been lacking. I think it's a mix between the off season and it's cold outside. But as I think about it; the harder I work in the off season; the better of a season I'll have in 2018.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Simply Amazing

I can't put into words but I'll try. He is simply amazing. I've kept very quiet about the other coach in my life; Stephen, my masters coach with Lane 4 Swimming. Over the past almost two years; has it really been that long, it's what he has done for me. Besides the normal coach duties; pushing me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me when I just don't feel like doing the task that is ahead of me, he's been patient with me. He is very aware of my struggles; unfortunately he sees it most Tuesday and Thursday nights that I swim with masters. Stephen of all people has been the most patient. When I'm at Stone Ridge for swim practice there are nights he walks into the pool and I'm just sitting there crying my heart out. Typically I've had a bad day and I don't want to get in the pool. He'll come up to me and asks me what's going on. As I'm telling him and still shedding tears; he'll remind me that getting in the pool will help. Most of the time he is correct. Stephen and I usually agree to get through warm up; which could last up to 30 minutes, and then go from there. Unlike far too many coaches I've had; he lets me cry it out. When I'm in the pool; same deal, I get to cry it out most of the time I keep the goggles on so no one sees the tears. Maybe I can't say much more about Stephen but I may have said enough to realize something important; I haven't thanked him for this. Now I guess I have something to do on Tuesday night. Oh and a side note; Stephen loves wearing medals around his neck. But that's another story with pictures for another time.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Track Thursday

This early morning's Track Thursday was all me; alone pounding my way around the track at Richard Montgomery High School at 5:30 am. I usually run with the DC Triathlon Club Women's Group but since it was going to be cold this morning; they decided to cancel track. I however need to be on top of my workouts; so it was just me and the track below me and the dark sky above me. Since I was free to make up my own workout; I decided to do a 1600- 1200- 800- 400 ladder. Overall I'm pleased with how it went; well with how the 1600, 1200, and 400 but not so much the 800.
At some point in January I have to run either a 5k or 10k; as it's been somewhat ordered by the coach. She wants to see where I'm at after the off season training leading up to the New Jersey Marathon. Honestly; I'm fearful and nervous about doing this. I haven't ran a flat out 5k or 10k in years. I used to be fast and that's what I'm scared of. I know I've slowed down and I don't want to see how much I've slowed down. I used to be able to run 5ks in 24 minutes and 10ks in about 50 minutes. I have no idea what I can run either distance in now. I'm scared brutally of comparing myself to how I performed in the past. Ugh; this is a work in progress.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Shout Out

So as you know on Saturday I had one of the most spectacular performances at the Germantown Masters Solstice Meet this past Saturday. Now the new Personal Bests matter alot; mainly because I had a crappy day yesterday. A .07 second drop in the 200 meter butterfly is good but an 11 second drop in the 400 meter free; Wow and I mean WOW. I worked really hard on Tuesdays and Thursdays at L4 Swimming masters practice and worked hard on Fridays on my own with Heather's workouts. Well; after my events I had posted to social media the pictures of me and my 1st place medal and 2nd place ribbon. I texted Heather and she told me how awesome and amazing it was; but then when I saw what popped up on Heather's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page took me by total surprise and felt so good in so many ways. Heather was really proud of my hard work to achieve what I did on Saturday. I really do have a good and caring coach. As much as sometimes I want to call it quits with her; I'm really happy she recognizes what her athletes are accomplishing in the sport.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Social Media Stuff To Come...

Since I've been a member of the HERevolution Team 2018; I've stepped up to do some or well quite a bit of social media stuff for the team. It's started on our Facebook group that the girls on the team can post. I made up the document for all the girls to put their race schedules on. When the new year rolls around; I'll do the SHOUT OUT posts each Friday to wish my HERevolution Sisters good luck at their races. Yesterday; I added a line in the social media document for anyone to put their blog link down. I'd love to get on the page and see that I'm not the only HERev Sister who has a triathlon and running blog. Well, I spoke with Darcy; who is in charge of the team and I'll be starting a blog for the team and hopefully a team Instagram and Twitter page. I'm actually really excited about this opportunity to take charge like this. It's such an amazing feeling.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Today was good; real good. I've trained my heart out for months for the moments I had today. I really wasn't sure that the moments I had today were possible until I looked up at the time board at the Germantown Indoor Swim Center. My mouth dropped open so wide and there was this smile. The smile of a champion. The first and second in age group really don't matter much either. My new personal bests matter but in ways are just numbers. As a swimmer; I trained and saw results. But results again are just numbers. Today I found a love for swim meets; masters meets to be more specific. My friends cheered for me and I cheered for them. I just LOVED today. As I said today was good.