100 Race

The very last part of the main set at L4 Swimming masters practice involved a 100 Free RACE. I opted out of the 6x25s, 4x50s, and 2x75s Free but so bad wanted to just do the 100 Free RACE to see what I could do. I wasn't allowed to do it from a dive off the block so I did it from push off the wall. The first 25 was fast and I felt smooth. The first half of the second 25 felt strong but I struggled to keep the pace on the last half that second 25. Since I was really trying to race and I mean race this 100; I wanted equal effort on the second 50. I didn't feel as much of a need for speed come the 3rd 50 but I went the fastest I could. I made sure my last 25 was super duper strong and fast. I touched the wall and was dead tired; huffing and puffing like no other. My masters coach; Stephen, had me play the "guess your time" game. I guessed 1 minute and 35 seconds. EH... Wrong. I was literally shocked that I swam a 1 minute 24 second 100. I haven't swam that time in y…

So Proud

Of this run from the morning. I was told not to go do my run outside but there was no way in anyone's land I was doing 11 miles on the treadmill. I did 8 on the treadmill two weeks ago and that made me go insane. The temperature was 15 and the wind chill was around 3; but I got out the door. Since I get hot easily; I only wore lighter layers on top. I had a sleeveless, short sleeve, base layer, and long sleeve running shirts on. Of course I wore my fleece running tights, fleece lined running beanie, lighter running gloves, Betty Designs socks, and my Mizuno Wave Riders. I ended up running into Bethesda and around Chevy Chase then back into North Bethesda to my starting point. At first I was a little on the chilly side but knew I warmed up. Physically; the run was very easy but mentally not so much. My average pace stayed pretty consistent throughout the 11 miles. It varied from the low 10s to the mid 11s; as far as minute mile pace is concerned. Going south was the easiest beca…

Hard Decisions...

As a triathlete; just like in other life things I have to make hard decisions. This current decision is hard as anything. Right now I have to make a decision of continuing to be coached by Heather or continue to be part of the HERevolution team. One thing that comes along of being part of the HERevolution team that is a requirement is ordering the Team Kit. I'd LOVE to order the team kit, but it I want to be coached by Heather I can't afford the team kit for HERevolution. I've ultimately decided to email the team director for HERevolution to tell her I need to be dismissed from the HERevolution team due to the fact I won't have the money to order the team kit. I'm honestly embarrassed and sad; but continuing to have Heather coach me is more important to me. Don't get me wrong I want to be part of an ambassador team; but being coached is something I need and it doesn't require a team kit. I feel sad but I can always find something to wear this coming season.…

For 2018

I may only have completed four workouts this year; but I definitely am feeling good about what 2018 is going to bring. I can ONLY hope to have a positive outlook as the year rolls on. Last year brought lots and lots of confidence issues; especially when I started being coached by Heather middle of last year. But it's 2018; so it's a NEW YEAR and I'm going to hopefully bring a NEW ATTITUDE. I know I am more determined than ever to keep a good attitude for as long as I can. I want to have a successful season and get some new Personal Bests. Now if it would just warm up outside and hopefully NOT snow.

Favorite Race Pics of 2017

This post is dedicated to my favorite photos of my 2017 Race Season. Packet Pickup at the New Jersey Marathon Rev3 Montclair Triathlon Social Media Shoutout from my Triathlon Coach Zooming on Zoom and Looking Focused at Irongirl Columbia Triathlon First After Photo as a finisher at Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City With Ken who paced me to an amazing finish at the Monster Mash Marathon in Dover Delaware

All Green

So like the past several weeks; I actually got ALL my training in this week. That means on TrainingPeaks all boxes are shaded green. It's a BIG deal seeing all green on my training plans. It's been a tough week and so many of my workouts I wasn't sure I'd actually do. I swam twice with masters and once on my own; equaling close to 4.3 miles of pool swimming. I got on the bike trainer twice; totaling 33.2 miles. Due a quarter size blister on my right heel; thankfully I only had two run this week, one outside and one inside equaling 8.5 miles this week. I found out via the coach that this was a recovery week which I didn't know. Of the three pool swims; I liked the one on Friday the best. It was the shortest swim of all week and I got to wear my new HERevolution Rock'n N Rev'n swimsuit which arrived Thursday night. Even though my average minute per 100 pace was only a sluggish 1:55, I felt smooth in a new suit. I also got so many compliments. But who woul…

Rock'n N Rev'n

So now I have the trucker hat made by Headsweats and the suit made by Splish. The HErevolution Rock'n N Rev'n line makes me the think of the 90s; with the checkerboard and the font used. I like wearing swim, cycling, and running attire that is flashy and bright and out there; so this line is totally me. I've worn the trucker hat alot and it's great for running. I wore the swim suit the first time today and got so many compliments that it was cute and looked great on me. I usually don't care much about compliments but knowing that total strangers at the pool were like "that suit looks good on you" made my day. Right now i'm working on a blog post for the HERevolution blog on the website with a review of the Rock'n N Rev'n line and promise to share it with y'all when it comes up on the blog.