Friday, August 18, 2017


This is my motto and quote to live by this weekend as I get ready for the IronGirl Columbia Triathlon on Sunday. After flipping out on my coach the other day; sorry Heather, I know I needed to take a chill pill and calm the freak down. I'm NOT going into details about the conversation I had with Heather but it was kinda ugly on my end. Well; its now Friday and I'm ready for IronGirl Columbia race weekend. No matter what anyone says to me; whether it be my dad or sister or boyfriend or my coach or any of my friends; NO PRESSURE. I'm going out to have a blast while I swim bike and run through parts of Howard County Maryland. I'm putting the "what if's" behind me. I have my time goals and hopefully I meet them. In the end if I don't; I might cry for a bit, but in the end I'll be ok. The sport of triathlon is so much more than finish times and age group placing. It's about the tan lines, the t-shirt, the camaraderie, the friendships, and the of course the journey. Even though this weekend is just another triathlon in the books on my journey to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City; I must enjoy a low pressure event. Love This Sport. Love This Journey.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Different Type of Attitude

Yesterday was swim day; something that I'm getting used to for a Monday since I usually have an off day. I wanted to swim indoors but since my home indoor pool Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center was closed a week early for summer maintenance and cleaning, I opted to go outdoors to my home outdoor pool Bethesda Outdoor. My swim set was as follows...
I actually had a good long course swim. I moaned and groaned and complained for several minutes; well actually more like 20 minutes and eventually got in the pool. I feel that I really worked hard on that swim even though long course aka 50 meters is still mentally tough for me (believe it or not). I got my act together and swam my 2600 meters and put in a good effort. Since I've been swimming on my own; with L4 Masters Swimming at Stone Ridge not meeting this month, its been tough having no one to push me. I think though I'm getting used to it now. Yesterday I really pushed myself and was happy with my splits; especially the main set. This is the first time I've ever posted a comment like this on Training Peaks for Heather to see. I don't know what she thought when she saw that but I think she's as happy as I am about my swim. I seriously Love This Journey and Love This Sport.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

One Week...

It's now one week away and I'm excited and feel really good about IronGirl Columbia at Centennial Park in Ellicott City Maryland. This all girl sprint consists of a .62 mile or 1000 meter open water swim in Centennial Lake, then a somewhat hilly 16 mile ride through parts of Ellicott City and Clarksville Maryland, to finish with a rolling hills 3.5 mile run around Centennial Lake. But in so many ways the performance does not matter so much. It will be about having FUN (cause why else would I be doing this sport) and encouraging the other girls out there on the course. The medal is awesome and I know what I'm doing with it but won't say anything until after the race because it's not going to be mine. "She was on a journey that required her to be FIERCE. She was up for the task." This is my new favorite quote of this journey because it's been true; but more on that later. Np matter what happens at IronGirl; my coach Heather Leiggi can take some credit for what I'm gonna do on Sunday.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Successes on Thursday

After yesterday's failed and disappointed ride; I needed to have a good workout or two this morning. Today called for a track workout (with my friends who are in the DC Triathlon Club Women's Group) and another pool swim.
Today's track workout brought a very strange distance mileage wise to my Garmin. I usually run whole or half miles; but 3.60 miles, how the heck did that happen. Well the fact that I was busy catching up with my friend Tamieka about her upcoming vacation and not paying attention to my Garmin caused that. Today's workout was a good one. After a mile warm up with drills on the last 400; we did a 1600 steady with a 400 recovery followed by an 800 steady with a 400 recovery then last a 400 fast with a 400 recovery. I have to look at my Garmin data on Garmin Connect; but I think I broke 9 minutes on the 1600 aka the mile; YIPPIE! I think my paces for the 800 and 400 were spectacular as well; so I'm super pleased!
I didn't see this till after my swim was done but my friend Tamieka always posts after her run Thursday morning on Instagram. LOVED what comment I saw today as "@meangreentri (that's my Insta account) way to rock it today!!!". My heart is full and I love that she noticed how I did today.
Onto the swim a short time later. Since we run track at Richard Montgomery and today's workouts had 25s and 75s in it; I had no choice but to go to Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center, where I work to do my swim. For after a run my swim was actually pretty decent. I've been doing this for a while but writing my workout in bright colors gives me a great way to be motivated to get in the pool. And well; since the pool heater is broken the water temp said 83 but it felt a little chillier so it took me almost 30 minutes to actually dive in once I first felt the water with my toes. I'm such a procrastinator. I always do my warm up and cool down with a mix of free and back, but my coach (thanks Heather) said everything needs to be freestyle because "triathlete's don't swim stroke during triathlons". I totally screwed up on the 75s and did a few 75s and a few 125s because as usual; I lost count even with the Garmin. My pace overall was awesome for short course meters so I'm a HAPPY triathlete. Tomorrow is a long swim; I don't even want to blab about that workout cause it's cruel and unusual punishment and a 1 hour and 30 minute bike ride (praying it rains after I bike; don't wanna do a trainer ride). Onward in this amazing journey.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Not My Best Bike Ride...

I'm not going to beat myself up over this not so great bike ride; it just gives me something to work on. Here is today's bike workout from Heather.
I went to Beach Drive as I normally do for my Wednesday bike workouts. It's a flat course with some false flats that are good little short uphills. The only thing I'm gonna complain about are the 4 intersections with stoplights; which throw me off of course. Back to the workout though. My warm up was pretty easy to do building from HR Zone 1 to HR Zone 2. I was able to do that easily. The problem came during my main set. Unless I'm climbing hills; like I did Sunday in Columbia, it's hard to get out of HR Zone 2 and into HR Zone 3. For the 20 minutes and 15 minutes in HR Zone 3; my Garmin kept beeping at me (because I uploaded the workout into my Garmin) saying I was in too low of a HR Zone. Otherwise, the 5 minutes recoveries were good as well as the 4 by 1 Minute Right and Left Leg spin only. I actually cut my cool down short because it was a LONG cool down and my legs felt good and recovered. So all in all I only did 1 hour and 26 minutes instead of the 1 hour and 30 minutes that was scheduled. NO BEATING MYSELF UP over this. It's a bike ride, it's a fun sport otherwise why do it? Onward in the journey to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Starting to Appreciate The Longer Workouts

My workout today was a 1 hour and 25 minute run. At first I was thinking that I couldn't do it; but I was totally wrong. I ended up doing just a little over 7 miles which is a pretty good distance run for me. I always am a little scared when I see long stuff; but it turns out not to be that scary. I now appreciate the longer workouts. I know for a fact they are a key part of my success as a triathlete to complete longer distances. But back to today's run. The plan was to run this morning before going to work at the pool; but other stuff had to get done. I was scared that after work I would talk myself out of the run and make all sorts of excuses. I thought it would be hot this afternoon but it never even got to 80 which was good. I did my normal Bethesda into Chevy Chase loop and then up the paved Capital Crescent. I still had about 40 minutes left so I decided to go on the unpaved Georgetown Branch Trail to Connecticut Avenue and back. Most of my run was shaded so when I got to 1 hour and 25 minutes I stopped. I wanted to do 8 miles; but I didn't want to be out when the sun started going down. Onward to more long training days,

Gaining Confidence

Wow what a week I just had. My confidence is building for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City which is now weeks away. I only didn't complete ONE workout and nailed the rest of them. Oh and my mileage; highest I've seen in a long time. With about 6 swimming miles, a shade over 100 bike miles, and a little over 20 running miles; I can say I was successful. My favorite workout of the week was my 4 hour bike ride followed by a 30 minute brick run. It was fun riding up challenging hills in Ellicott City while the run around Centennial Lake was nice. My least favorite workout was the 4100 meter swim Friday. I DISLIKE ladder workouts, even though it had mid distance free in it. But it's suppose to be good for me, right? Onward to IronGirl Columbia August 20 and Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City September 17. I love this journey and love this sport.