Tuesday, October 17, 2017


So it's OFFICIALLY Monster Mash Marathon Race week. There are nerves and excitement all around. But whatever it is I'm ready to run and finish my 19th marathon. I'm excited that my friends Faith and David will be coming and possibly the twinster; Julie will be coming out to be there for me. I love how Faith is excited because she's never seen me race; I hope David is excited too.
My mantra for this race. I got some feedback from Heather; my awe inspiring amazing coach from one of my workouts on TrainingPeaks. I CAN DO THIS. She knows I will and I know I will and every cheerleader in this sport knows I will. It won't be easy or a walk in the park, BUT I can do this. I love my cheerleaders and I'm happy they support my passion.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

One Week....

Today the plans by the coach called for a 13 mile training run for next weekend's Monster Mash Marathon. Well 13 miles turned into 10 miles. I wasn't feeling well. Even with a good breakfast, and using my Boom Energy Gels and Gu Eleectrolyte Tabs; I felt dizzy and lightheaded the whole way. I started at the top of the Capital Crescent in Bethesda, ran down to DC, along the water; and right when I got by the Smithsonian Metro I had to call it quits. I tried to get myself to run the last 3 miles but for my own safety I had to call it a day. With one week until my 19th marathon; I can't let this one run beat me up and get me down. Though it's been a quick build up to this momentous number marathon, I Can And Will Do This. Now it's time to just relax and really follow the week of easy training from the coach. I will post a few more blogs leading up to my day in Dover.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's Really Creepy...

Not so much the thought that another marathon is coming up so soon; but more that fact that I found out via a friend that people actually dress in costume to run the Monster Mash Marathon and Half Marathon. I have gotten asked by some friends if I'm dressing up. My response has been "No, I'm dressing up as a runner". Ok; so I may add a bow or two to my hair but that's as far as dressing up in costume I am going. I just don't get how people can run a longer distance in costume. I'm going to wear my Betty Design Spark Beauty Bar Tri Shorts, my soft Pink Under Armour Running Tank, my white CEP Compression Socks, along with either my SBR Sports Inc or Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City visor. So anyways; 9 Days, let the countdown resume. I'm ready to Embrace The Twenty Six Point Stinkin Two.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Two Things To Post...

It's always so strange how you sign up for a marathon in April and you think "oh yeah I got plenty of time before the race even gets here". As I looked at my calendar and realized that I now have only 12 days until the last race of the my 2017 season; I realize that mentally and emotionally I'm no where near ready. The mental part of all this comes from thinking about running a whopping 26.2 miles. I've done it 18 times before this but it always seems impossible when thinking about it before a race. My coach suggested I come up with a race mantra. I remember my best race mantra being "I want the Oval" back in 2016 when I went back up to Ironman Lake Placid to redeem myself and finish unfinished business from 2010. I want to think of something spectacular like that but what can top that? When it comes to being emotionally ready for a marathon; face it I never can be. There are so many emotions that I go through with training and race day carries even more. My goal is to show how much I love the sport and respect it. I'll make sure I smile but I always tell myself it's ok to cry happy tears; especially at the finish.
I just finished writing out my training plans in my notebook. I need to have a better attitude this week. I need to be more confident in my abilities to nail my workouts. I also need to show more confidence when I write down notes for my coach to see when I put comments in Training Peaks. This past week of training I was at an all time low. I nailed most of my workouts but the ones that I didn't; I beat myself up in the comments. That just needs to stop. I'm committing to doing a better job of using different words to express how my workouts went and how I felt during them.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


I opened up my email on Friday and saw this. I dunno how it happened and feel undeserving of it but WOW; that was something I would have never expected to see. The first person I emailed was my coach; since it was her training plans and my hard work that got me to qualify at either Rev3 Montclair Tri or Irongirl Columbia Tri this past summer. The first thing I thought was "how am I going to afford something like this". Then I realized the twinster has a good friend from college who lives in Cleveland and HOPEFULLY I can stay with her or her family. Then it occurred to me that its only a 7 hour drive to Cleveland from the DC area. Somehow I'm gonna make it work. The last time I qualified for USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals was 10 years ago; but because I wanted to go to ITU Long Distance Tri Worlds in France that summer, I passed up going to Age Group Nationals that year. I'm NOT missing out. I'll get there; I don't know how but I'll get there.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Its Back...

When I first started being coached by Heather, I decided to make up a notebook to write all my training plans in. Well guess what... it's back. Training Plans once again will in Training Peaks, but I'm a visual person so it really helps to write them out. The notebook will go everywhere with me; just as it always has in the past. The cover simply states "Let The Journey Continue" because in essence of everything; my journey is. The training, being coached by Heather, being accountable for getting my workouts in, and of course keeping that positive "embrace it" and "crush it" can do attitude.
Each week will have it's own cover page; stating the dates of training, how many rest and swim and bike and run days that week (of which each day has a color), and of course a motivational quote or two for the week.
I guess tomorrow kicks off my first official day of training with Heather as MY coach. Tomorrow calls for a 17 mile run in prep for my lifetime marathon number NINETEEN on October 21st at the Monster Mash Marathon in Dover Delaware. I signed up for this race back in April and am very excited about it. First off, it's a small and low key marathon (with a half marathon as well). The marathon attracts about 200 runners which is a nice number compared to when I ran The Marine Corps Marathon last year, which had over 40,000 runners. Looking at all the info about the course; its closed and the aid stations are about every 1 1/2 miles apart. But back to tomorrow; I was thinking of running from Maryland down to and around DC then metro back but because of a 3 pm Washington Nationals game; I'll head to Beach Drive. I'll do the long out and back from Maryland into DC which should give me 10 miles and then will figure out the last 7 after. Must though remember to wear my compression socks, since I forgot them and regretted it last weekend. Onward in this beautiful and amazing journey. I love that I'm now truly coachable. I also really think of how lucky I am to have Heather as my coach for the next year (and hopefully beyond).

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ready For This...

There are so many reasons as to why I sent out the signed contract for a full year commitment along with my first payment for the month of October to Heather yesterday. I know it may not seem like a big deal but it is. Back in November I found out via a comment on the Tri Equal Equally Inspiring Team page on Facebook that she was going to be coaching me for three months as I posted that I'd have to just be in suspicion. From that time last year it was basically almost 8 years since I was coached individually in the sport. The experience was great; I got a free test run of Heather and her workouts and got to know her a little better. By the time I went out to Delaware in July for my training day with her, I had asked her how much she charged per month. It had given me a good idea when I found out that possibly in October I'd start paying her. Around the time of Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City I was practically admitting to her that I wanted to come on as an athlete. So there you go; not I am one of her athletes for the next 12 months. Yes; it scares me as much as it excites me. But I'm ready. Ready to be accountable for getting my workouts complete. I'm ready to have to be really good with my communication if something is not going right or when I get overwhelmed. But most of all I'm ready to commit to this journey that I love doing. Training plans through Monster Mash Marathon; which is October 21 and will be lifetime marathon number 19 and thank goodness the LAST race of 2017.