Monday, September 18, 2017

Tri Equal Equally Inspiring Team Reflection

Posted this today on the Tri Equal Equally Inspiring Team group today and thought I'd share this reflection...
I've posted alot here no doubt and now that my 2017 Triathlon Season is in the books; it's time to reflect. Grateful for the opportunity to be on the Equally Inspiring Team this year. Grateful to have been paired with a wonderful and supportive coach. From the start Heather told me NOT to worry about my time goals; especially for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City in which she gets the Genius Award for that. Like any type of long distance training; this was tough on my mind and body. This was my 7th or 8th 70.3 but I'd have to count finisher medals to know the exact number. There were weekends I wasn't sure if I could mentally do a 4 1/2 hour ride followed by an 1 hour run; but I did. My Friday swim workouts seemed Insane but the mid distance and long distance sets helped me so much. I'm thankful for Heather because she helped me find the confidence that I thought I never had. At first it was "Give Heather ALL The Credit" which turned into me giving MYSELF credit for what I was pushing through. What most of you don't know is that I have Diagnosed Depression and Anxiety which leads to negative thoughts and self doubt. I almost pulled the plug many times but even with Heather not knowing alot about me at first she signaled that I shouldn't and I'm sure she's happy I kept at it. I had mornings and evenings I didn't want to train. But I pushed through. I fought the the evil demons and got it done. Between Rev3 Montclair Tri and IronGirl Columbia Tri and of course Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City; I had one hell of a season. The huge change with having Heather is I learned to smile at races and be proud of myself. It's something she didn't tell me but it was something I could pinpoint and pick out that needed to change. Though my performances and results didn't matter I enjoyed each race. I changed mindsets this season and came out successful. I know it doesn't matter what Heather or anyone else thinks but I hope everyone who shared my journey with me is proud of the strides I made. I would do this again and again and hope that each season is as successful as this one. I also hope that just one athlete or coach here is inspired by my story; though that doesn't matter either. If I wrote anymore I may cry and I don't want anyone seeing tears. Grateful and Thankful for this amazing opportunity. Even more grateful and thankful for a new unbreakable bond with a cool coach like Heather.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Somewhat Speechless...

I now have less than TWO Weeks; T Minus THIRTEEN Days as the calendar says until Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City in New Jersey put on by race director Stephen DelMonte and Delmo Sports, Inc and I nearly speechless. These past almost three months have given me so much confidence and new found inspiration that I CAN DO THIS. So many times when I started this journey with getting coached thanks to the Equally Inspiring Team; there were alot of I CAN'T DO THIS. I'm finally believing that I've changed for so much good as this journey to such a dream and epic 70.3 for me gets so much closer. The confidence makes me speechless. I even posted on social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) that I'm proud of where I've gotten in a short time. I'm amazed that I had the courage and strength to get out what I did for everyone to see. I just want this confidence to hang around. I want to be positive that this is my race; my reward, the icing on the cake for all countless swim bike and run miles I've put in. Since positive and triathlon is a such a new combination; I need ways to make sure they stay in tact in with one another.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Trying NOT to countdown...

I know today is September 1 of 2017. I know Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City is a shade over two weeks away. I know I just ordered my TriTats so I don't have to worry about race numbers being done by a Sharpie. I know I get to see all my friends from the Jersey Girls Stay Strong Multi Sport Club; most of them who I haven't seen since last September when I volunteered. I know I've chosen to continue to be coached by Heather Leiggi once this journey is complete. I know though I CAN NOT countdown. I will cry tears if I do. This whole entire journey which started before I got selected by Team Equally Inspiring by Tri Equal has been so unforgettable. I just honestly want to cry thinking about the experience I've had. It hasn't been easy. There have been days that workouts didn't get done but most days I completed them. I really don't want this journey to end. Right now I just need a hug.

Monday, August 28, 2017

I Am Reminded Once Again

Not to freak out and try to stay calm with 20 days to go. I did go nuts yesterday and wanted to pull the plug so bad on Atlantic City. There's one thing that still haunts me and that is my blackout at mile 110 of the bike at Ironman Lake Placid due to terrible nutrition that day. I'm only doing 56 at Atlantic City but it still comes back to me. I emailed Heather and asked if I could pull the plug and of course she said NO. I trust her and now I need to trust my training that I have put in since the early summer months. I Can and Will Do This. I emailed Heather this morning to let her know I'm feeling a lot better today and thanked her for all the support and encouragement. She really is a good coach and mentor and role model to me.
I am reminded by my car magnets of WHY I am still doing this sport 13 years later. Triathlon though is more than a sport; its my passion and life. I make sacrifices that my family and friends sometimes don't understand to get my training in so I can be successful and be happy when I get to the big race I've trained for. Three Ironman finishes has taught me that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The good and bad days make victory and the finish line mean so much. Onward to my final weeks of this amazing journey. I hope that this blog post; whoever actually might read this is inspired, whether a triathlete or not.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Bib Numbers Are Up...

That's right; shiz got real as I posted to social media on Monday afternoon when I found out Delmo put up the lists of bib numbers for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. The countdown is on and I have 23 DAYS will party (and race) day. Because I was still on a huge high from Iron Girl Columbia which had occurred this past Sunday; I got all nervous about Atlantic City. I ended up talking to my coach; Heather Leiggi, and now I feel more calm and at ease. I have some long training weekends ahead of me so that way I'll be able to (hopefully) nail this half iron distance triathlon. When I talked to Heather this week she came up with a really fabulous idea. I'm basically NOT allowed to think about my times (UGH) overall and per swim bike and run. Instead I need to come up with NON TIME related goals for each discipline; things to focus on. I actually LOVE the idea. Now to start working on that. Onward in these final weeks to this journey toward Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. Honestly I almost typed in Lake Placid.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

IronGirl Columbia Race Recap

SWIM 1000 meters- First off the swim was delayed about 15 to 20 minutes due to the safety boat of whatever sort being late. I just wanted to get in because the nerves were building. Finally around 7:30 am I entered the waters of Centennial Lake. The water was Brown and things were floating around as usual. The first 200 meters sucked because we had to swim toward yellow buoys into to the sun. But once we turned at the red buoys to go the other direction; my swim was fantastic. I found my pace and went with it. I exited the water about 20 minutes later. As I ran toward transition though; after taking my cap off I tugged my goggles and they broke. Crap; I broke my fave pair of goggles. Whatever; now time to focus on the bike.
BIKE 16 miles- All I can say is WOW. The first uphill came right out of transition to get out of the park. I struggled a bit but was geared correctly so it wasn't terribly bad. The rest of the ride was pretty hilly. The amazing thing was I GOT PASSED by no one. Each and every girl I passed was told to "keep going". There were so many intersections being patrolled so I thanks the officers; and thanked the volunteers in general. I never found a good consistent pace because of a mix of up and down hills but pushed hard the whole time. By the time I was thinking about finding a consistent pace I was on the main road leading back to the park. My dad was a little shocked when I can rolling in. I conquered the bike course in about 54 minutes. Time to transition to run.
RUN 3.5 miles- So as I come out transition I thought about the fact that I almost had this. I knew the run wouldn't be easy because of all the climbing I would do. My Garmin showed such fast pacing I almost couldn't believe it. Wow; I was running at a steady 9:10 min mile, what!!!! I thought I'd get slower but I didnt. I paced myself well and high fived everyone I saw. I smiled the whole way. It was fun; which I've never said about the run before. I ended up averaging a 9:10 min mile; no wonder I almost cried happy tears at the finish. I couldn't believe it. I am truly an #irongirl and love it.

Friday, August 18, 2017


This is my motto and quote to live by this weekend as I get ready for the IronGirl Columbia Triathlon on Sunday. After flipping out on my coach the other day; sorry Heather, I know I needed to take a chill pill and calm the freak down. I'm NOT going into details about the conversation I had with Heather but it was kinda ugly on my end. Well; its now Friday and I'm ready for IronGirl Columbia race weekend. No matter what anyone says to me; whether it be my dad or sister or boyfriend or my coach or any of my friends; NO PRESSURE. I'm going out to have a blast while I swim bike and run through parts of Howard County Maryland. I'm putting the "what if's" behind me. I have my time goals and hopefully I meet them. In the end if I don't; I might cry for a bit, but in the end I'll be ok. The sport of triathlon is so much more than finish times and age group placing. It's about the tan lines, the t-shirt, the camaraderie, the friendships, and the of course the journey. Even though this weekend is just another triathlon in the books on my journey to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City; I must enjoy a low pressure event. Love This Sport. Love This Journey.