I'm pretty sure one of the requirements of being on #TeamHeather is Never Giving Up, Not Using Quitting As An Option, and having to say to myself I Got This. Two workouts this week have been hard and on the strugglebus as I call it. Tuesday at L4 Masters Swimming when I almost threw in the towel on this coaching thing even though it was my masters coach who gave the workout not Heather. Today was also a strugglebus type bike workout. I went down to Hains Point to ride and boy was the wind gusting hard; must have been close to 30 miles per hour. I eventually gave in on the workout. I don't however feel like a failure. This training for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City is NOT supposed to be easy at all. I have to work hard and Heather wants me to give it my best. No worries that I will give it my best because I always do. I have felt like quitting so much this week but I won't because I want both IronGirl Columbia Sprint and especially Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City so bad. I Got This and I Will Do This. No Quitting Allowed.


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