Friday, June 16, 2017

Its About To Get REAL....

Triathlon season is getting VERY real now. Earlier this week bib number for Rev3 Montclair were posted; my bib being 261. Whenever I get a bib number I always see if there if there is a 4 (my lucky and favorite number) or if the numbers add up to 4 in any sense. One of my friends that I swim with said that 6-2x1 equals 4, so there you go. Since I got my bib number I'm feeling much better about Sunday. The 750 meter open water swim, 12 mile bike, and 5k run won't be easy but it will be so much fun to tri again. With that; my 2017 triathlon season will be well underway and I'll start my journey to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City.
This little blurb is going to make you think I'm insane and excited; but y'all know that's who I am. Above is a selfie of me and my coach Heather Leiggi; who I'm getting to be coached by thanks in part to TriEqual Equally Inspiring Team. I found out back in October that I got a spot and found out soon after that pro triathlete chick Heather would be my coach. We were trying to meet before I start my coaching tomorrow but because of our schedules and her being in Delaware and me being here in Maryland we couldn't find the time. Well; I was planning on going out to Ironman 70.3 Eagleman on the Eastern Shore in Cambridge and she was going to race, so I was all excited because I was going to finally meet my coach. Honestly, I was doing the happy dance because of that. So last Sunday; June 11, I FINALLY met Heather before she started her race. I was exstatic and I think she knew it. The BEST part of the whole thing was seeing her run down the Black Carpet lined with Red MDots and screaming my lungs out for her and course hanging the finisher medal around her neck. Well of course; now that I've met Heather and it's June 16 so TOMORROW I start my training with Pre Race Day training, whatever that means. I emailed Heather and asked her if I should do any training since Rev3 Montclair is this Sunday. Anywho; tomorrow training with my awesome triathlon caoch Heather starts tomorrow. Onward to September 17 and Atlantic City 70.3. Here We Go.

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