Saturday, November 5, 2016

You Just Never Know... So Stay In Touch...

Back in 2008 when I attempted and FINSIHED my first ever Ironman in Coeur d'Alene Idaho... I had a chance to meet the Professional Triathletes after the Pro Panel the Friday before Race Day!
The ONE Pro I met that I immediately fell in love with was Heather Gollnick! She placed second that day among the Pro women... right behind Heather Weurtle of Canada and right ahead of Tina Boman of Finland! Race Day... I remember seeing Heather running back into town on her second loop of the run as I headed out of town on my first loop! I shouted a LOUD "Go Heather" and never saw or heard of her again! Or so that's what I thought!
Just a few months ago... well ok back in mid September I went up to Atlantic City to volunteer at Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City! Right before I left I remember seeing Heather Gollnick tagged in a picture on Facebook! Then I saw something she wrote about heading out to Atlantic City for the 70.3! OMG... Would I by chance just happen to see her again? Being me and the person I am... I messaged Heather! I told her I would be in Atlantic City to volunteer for the race both Saturday at the Women for Tri tent and Sunday at Body Marking and at the Run Aid Station at the far end of the Boardwalk near Mile 11 with Women for Tri and Jersey Girls Stay Strong Multisport! Well can you guess who just happened to message me back? The reunion that afternoon at the Women for Tri tent... well I'm still speechless on that one! The moment for me personally was priceless and it's something I'll never forget! Heather raced that Sunday... as an age grouper! I must say... she's still kick ass and bad ass! In fact... when she ran through the aid station... I might have used the hose and sprayed her to cool her down but I'm not sure she wanted it! So Heather... if I did by chance cool you down and you didn't want it... I'm sorry! Thank You Heather Gollnick for being a role model... a sweet person... and someone who I will ALWAYS look up to for the rest of time!

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