Things To Take Away From July 24 2016

July 24 2016... I FINALLY #GotTheOval in Lake Placid New York! I can FINALLY put what was a traumatic and dramatic 2010 behind me! It was a heck of a week leading up to race day... and race day... well it was a hell of a long day... but I achieved what I wanted to there! I can now cross Lake Placid off my list! In pictures... here is what I'm taking away from Ironman Lake Placid 2016.... EMBRACE THE PEOPLE YOU MEET ALONG THE WAY
with Moira Easton Horan... fearless leader of Women for Tri... my go to gal leading up to race day
with Alicia Kaye and Heather Jackson... two bad ass pro women who I admire like heck... both humble athletes and great ladies who know how to dominate the sport
Mike Reilly... the Voice of Ironman... do I need to say more about this guy LET THE SCENERY TAKE YOUR BREATHE AWAY
with the Official Home to Ironman Lake Placid since 1999 Rock... Just look at the view behind me... take it in... never forget the beauty I chose to race in... ALWAYS SMILE
this was a point of the bike where I wanted to give in... I felt like crap... but there was a Zer taking pictures... put on a smile and give a thumbs up EMBRACE THE FINISH
my bike and run times sucked... but OMG that finish... the feeling of accomplishing something most around you were unsure of... I'll take it... and would you look at that medal...


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