Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It Says It All...

Until a few days ago I was counting down the days until Ironman Lake Placid! To be honest... it got me nervous doing that... so I stopped! I decided instead to just Embrace The Journey! No matter how tough the training gets... I'm going stick it out and get the miles and time in! I've done the hours in the pool... on the bike... and on the run before... I can do it again! This weekend I have an 11 mile run and a 70 mile bike ride on the training plans! I CAN DO THIS... I know I can! I have already started making sacrifices and will continue to do so through the next flourish months or so! Why am I doing this to myself... and everyone around me? First off... I created a hash tag and will start using it in EVERY post related to Ironman; whether on my blog... on Facebook... on Twitter... or on Instagram! It's an easy one... #IWantTheOval... and if you don't know why... you'll have to wait a few more months to find out why! Through this journey... I also hope to develop confidence in myself! I have never carried a lot of confidence around... but this time I need to... and I also want to! I'm ready to Embrace This Journey! I'm ready to do this because This Is My Year! Lets Get This Party Started!

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