Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Two Things To Share...

ONE... This weekend I got to see two of my friends who live across the pond! It was fabulous getting to spend some time with them as it had been since Janurary I had seen them last! The two times I got to see them were so wonderful that I'm sad to see them leave the area to continue their holiday and then head back home to the UK! It will now be a year until I see them again! Yes... I'm sad but I know I'll be just fine! TWO... Everytime I see the expensive Ironman Lake Placid jacket I bought back in 2010... it reminds me of the what was a wonderful swim turned into a terrible bike ride which made the whole expereince horrific! There are days I look at that jacket and want to rip it into tiny pieces and get rid of it! But if I do (a) I wasted $100 (b) I have an empty spot in my closet and (c) I won't have that jacket to wear next year when I complete Ironman Lake Placid! So thinking about ONE and TWO together... I have to take a deep breathe right now! In 2016 I will get to see my friends from the UK again and I will FINALLY get to wear that awesome Ironman Lake Placid jacket I paid $100 for almost 6 years ago!

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