Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So Here's The Thing Regarding Placid in 16...

I'm nervous about the whole idea about going back and making Placid a better shot in 16 than it was in 10! That day back in July of 10 still makes me shiver! The moment I blacked out at 110 of the bike... The moment i opened my eyes and so many surrounded me... The moment I realized I was clipped out of my bike pedals... The moment the medic told me my day was done... The moment I got to medical and realized my day was done... The moment I hugged my best friend Jane and my cousin Rebecca! It all still stands with me! I for one am nervous about going up to Placid in 16! I need to prevail and succeed this time! I want that speed skating oval finish! I want to hear my name across the line! I want Placid to become a good memory I'll never ever forget! I have a lot of time till July 24 of 16 but mentally I need to get over this nervousness and stop looking back at 10 and start focusing on 16!

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