Monday, May 4, 2015

Looking Forward To The Triathlons....

Now that I am actually signed up for my FIRST triathlon of the season... I'm looking forward to the training! The workouts won't be easy but I'm ready to tackle them! Theweekend rides and runs are getting longer in mileage on WORK weeks... which is why I'm looking forward to RECOVERY weeks! I'll continue to work on my running form at track with drills and most likely running barefoot on the infield grass of the track! My bike rides will focus on drills and hills during the week... in which the hills aren't even that bad since I ride them all the time! Swimming... well it will just be fun getting faster and seeing fast splits at workouts! I'm looking forward to Challenge Family Williamsburg Half where I will be a swim guide for one of my blind team mates then run the 13.1 in the shade...all as a relay team! But I am most looking forward to August 2 when I do the Culpeper International Triathlon! Bring on the Training... Bring on the Suffering... Bring on the 2015 Triathlon Season Training!

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