Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Anthem Richmond 26.2

If you look at my complete Race Schedule on your left... You will see that I have a little 26.2 mile jaunt around Richmond VA this Saturday! Oh and it's not really a jaunt... it's a MARATHON! Yes... It will be my 12th Marathon over the past 7 Years! Excited... YES! Nervous... YES! Blaming the twinster for letting me sign up... NOT THIS TIME! She was the one who wanted me to pick a race where we could travel and take a little vacation... or for me a RaceCation so we both picked the 2013 Anthem Richmond Marathon! We drive down Friday morning and drive back Saturday afternoon! Besides running a distance that I absolutely love... I will get to spend some good quality time with the Twinster as we drive down 95 and hopefully don't get caught in weekend traffic! Goals... I usually keep them a secret... but not this time... Absolute BEST Day... Under 4 hrs Absolute GOOD Day... Between 4 hrs and 4 hrs 15 mins Absolute OK Day... Between 4 hrs 15 mins and 4 hrs 30 mins Absolute WORST Day... Anything over 4 hrs 30 mins So we will wait and see! Here we go...

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