Friday, May 10, 2013

It's On... Am I Ready?

The countdown says only a little over ONE WEEK until the 2013 Triathlon Season opens for me... and well many others in the Washington DC area! It's exciting... yet somehow it's also nerve wrecking! I am asking myself ALOT lately if I've trained both my body and mind for the upcoming triathlon season, which will be spread out nicely from May to September! Looking at the calendar and prioritizing my races... Columbia Triathlon on May 19th is all about testing my body early in the season on a tough course especially if it's real hot! Celebrating Heroes on June 23rd is about pushing my body to the limits on a distance I haven't done in several years aka a Sprint! Lastly, ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance on September 21st is about punishing my body and pushing myself to a very fast race! Punishing my body might sound harsh... but that's what I believe the Ultra/Iron Distance is about! So... Ready or Not... Here it Comes! Here we go...

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