Saturday, December 15, 2012

No 2013 Triathlon Season...

The only thing to post is that there will be NO 2013 Triathlon Season! In all my fears... it came true... NO TRIATHLON racing for me! It hurts me inside because it was supposed to be a magical 10th season... but now... well it won't! I hate that I have little money and because of it... I have to GIVE UP the one thing I LOVE in life! Nobody knows what the sport of triathlon... in both racing and training has done for me over the past several years! It gets rid of the depression I battle day in and day out... it makes me feel good about myself... and NOW... I will not have it! I'm tearing up... but there is NOTHING I can do to change things! How will I be able to coach other triathletes if I can't go there races because I myself won't be able to race in the threesome of an event? How will my training feel if I really have NOTHING to train for? How will I be able to blog if I have NOTHING to blog about? I HATE this... I really do! Triathlon is the ONE thing I have in life... and NOW it's been taken away! Can I please cry?

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