Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finally... A Little Down Time

Seems like mid May to mid June was all about RACING! Well... mid June to early August... with the exception of July 6... Is about MILEAGE! I plan on each week and weekend throughout the next month and a half to build back up to 3500 yards in the pool... 60 miles on the bike... and 16 miles on the run! I know for a fact it's totally doable! I've done it before... I can do it again... even in the summer heat and humidity! It will require going to bed early and getting up early... but I know I will do this! Becoming a certified Level 1 USA Triathlon Coach... I've built up my plans to help me reach these goals for my fall half marathon... half iron triathlon... and marathon! I BELIEVE I am capable of helping myself reach my goals and am excited about it!

Here we go...

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