Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Becoming A Tri Coach...

So as you well may know by now... I am going to become a triathlon coach here soon enough in the months to come! I don't have any paid clients yet... but I know who my first client will be... and that's myself!

As I was trying to get in a decent swim workout I decided I needed to start writing myself training plans for the weeks leading up to the Seneca Creek Trail 50k... the Columbia Triathlon... and National Harbor 70.3! Even though I've been in the sport for going on 9 years now... and I don't know how to write plans yet... I'm gonna take a shot at making for myself... since I know myself better than anyone else!

In order to write plans I need to committ to the time to train on both work and non work days! I know my schedule two weeks in advance so I can start there! I don't have to alot of time to train for the Seneca Creek Trail 50k but will do as many regular and trail long runs as I can and hope that I am ready for 32 miles of beautiful trails on March 3!

As I think about it... I'm excited about becoming a coach but then there's always that uncertainty of a new thing in life! I know I'll make a great coach... really motivate myself and others... so maybe I shouldn't worry too much!

Will keep you updated on how this all goes and starting next week I will post my training schedule for the week!

Here we go...

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Colleen said...

Excited for you Marci and starting with yourself is a great place to start! I'll keep you in mind if I hear of someone wanting a coach! :)