Friday, December 2, 2011

Turkey Burnoff Disaster

So last Saturday... Nov 26th... I ran the MCRRC Turkey Burnoff 10 Miler... the second to last race in their Championship Road Race Series! Goin in I knew I wasn't to greatly prepared becuase I had been sick two week before and then following week... the week of Thanksgiving... training DID NOT take priority becuase the twinster was home for the holiday!

Well the race was a disaster! It was a two looped five mile course! I had the option of doing only the 5 Miler but I wanted the race to count toward the Championship Road Series standing so doing the 10 miler was the only option! Lets just say the first 2 miles were GREAT... the next 6 miles got tough... and the last 2 miles were a struggle! But I managed to finish! Not so great in the standings and my time really was super stinko! Even with this bad race I managed to keep myself in good standings in the Championship Road Race Series... so I'm happy with that!

Up next... the Jingle Bell Jog 8k Dec 11!

Here we go...


Pschall said...

Awe, sorry you had a stink race, BUT head up and keep on keepin’ on! The bad runs make us mentally stronger and ready to take on the world just a little bit more!

Mary IronMatron said...

Crazy! That is an ambitious schedule! Looks fun too.