Nation's Tri 2010 Results

Nation's Triathlon
September 12, 2010
Washington, DC

Bib Number 4952

Swim 1.5 Km 30:50 1:53 per 100 pace
Transition 1 3:43
Bike 40 Km 1:11:49 20.7 mph avg
Transition 2 1:58
Run 10 Km50:25 8:08 min mile pace
Overall Time 2:38:43

20 out 391 25 to 29 year old gals

98 out of 1557 gals overall

Shoulder bothered me on the swim... Poured on the bike... Legs were tired as hell on the run... Not so epic race for me...

Race report to come...

More to come...


Mike Russell said…
Top 20 finish -- outstanding. Looking forward to that report ma'am.
Amy said…
Excellent results for "not being so epic!" Can't wait to hear about the fun or fulfilling parts of the race, since we know what hampered you!

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