Just Not My Day... Love The Run Your With Race Report

Yesterday I ran my first race as a Pacers Ambassador and it just wasn't my day.


7:39 minute mile pace

27/270 female 25-29

63/683 female overall

163/1314 overall

Tough from the getgo. First hill (uphill) was rough. Not recovered from the uphill the middle section (flat) was tough and I never found a fast pace. The last hill (downhill) was awesome and I got some good speed. I thought I was doing well until the last section (flat) into the finish which was awful and lost all my speed. So why am i not happy?

All I want to be is a bad ass runner! Is that to much to ask for?

More to come...


MCM Mama said…
Those uphills were evil! Sorry it wasn't as fast as you wanted, but I think you did a nice job!
Rainmaker said…
Top 10% is nothing to be unhappy about.
Anne Marie said…
Hey, I'd love to be a bad ass runner too! where can we sign up for that?;-)
that'd be a good blog title...oh, and hills are HARD1

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