Not So Epic Weekend but Epic Week...

So last weekend wasn't so epic as I thought it was going to be. I wanted it to be Ironman style but it turned out to be this...

Sat- 6 mile run... with way to many hills
Sun- 35 mile bike ride... not to pleased with the distance
Mon- 7 mile run in the cool crisp air... it was a nice change

So last weekend was a disspointment but I'm still months out of Ironman and right on track for Philly.

Now... this week has been an epic week.

I count Monday as last week since my plan starts on Tuesday but it's also this week becuase it really is this week. I did a true out and back starting on Sligo Creek trail and made my way up Wayne Ave to Colesville to do the Out and Back Alaska loop we do at Pacers. Once on Eastern there is a section of a three teir hill that eats us everything you got. Once off Eastern it's up and down Alaska to 16th where you turn around and head back. No great splits but a great run... esp in the nice cool morning air in DC.

Tuesday was a the normal deal with Pacers... calling for the Alaska Loop. I went out with the 8 minute pace group but ended up running with a local high school cross country girl instead... who also got blown away by the 8 minute mile pace group. We took turns pacing each other. I did my work on the downhills flats and she did the pacing going the uphills. At many points of the run where I was pacing I heard the girl huffing and puffing... asking her if I needed to slow the pace down a little... she said it was fine... so we kept running. The Alaska Loop has plenty of hills to be torn apart as you make your way through the 5.23 mile loop so running the whole thing at near or under a 9 minute pace was totally fine with me. Another great Pacers run in the books.

Wednesday I finally got back in the saddle for a hard 40.8 mile ride on the North end of Beach Drive being flat. It was tough to maintain the speed I was maintaining but it worked out well. There were few cars... the road was flat... a few bikes... which made for a perfect ride. Once back at the car it was time for a nap before I headed home.

Wednesday also called for a track workout. Unlike the past few weeks it was actually cool outside which made a big difference in my pace. After a two mile warm up on the track and around the Montgomery College campus... I was ready to do my mile time trial... just as my fellow team mates in Texas did Tuesday. I was huffing and puffing the whole way and only managed a 7:28... drats. I then did part of the workout for the MoCo Road Runners. It called for 6x800s and 8x200s... but with the mileage I needed 4x800s with a 800 recovery was good enough for me. My splits for the 800s were as followed 3:45, 3:41, 3:34, and 3:37... booyah! It was great.

Today is rest day but tomorrow I get back on the saddle as my epic week of training continues.

More to come...


SOOO Sorry I thought I had added you to my reader...but alas I hadn't so I totally missed the Giveaway.. YIPPEE!!

Way to go with the Pace run, AWESOME!!
Liz said…

how have you been? i've missed our training talks. it looks like you are doing awesome :) happy to see it!

keep in touch :)

Rainmaker said…
Good to see you have the focus on Philly - that's where the action is. And then post-Philly, don't forget to go into low and easy mode for a bit so that you can attack all next year leading up to IM!
Rachel said…
Take it easy! Marathon training is much easier than IM training and Lake Placid wasn't that long ago.
Kepp working at it. You're gonna rock Philly!

Stay tuned...

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