Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Marci Moment

It was a hot and humid night in Silver Spring for the Thursday nite running of the Pacers Fun Fun. The course called for hills, hills, and nothing but hills. The run in general was a good one... if you take away all the humidity in the air and the hills on the course beginning to end. The run was going pretty good until the last section. I was running alongside another fun runner... almost back at the store when POW... my shoe hit something in the sidewalk. I immediately tried to keep my balance but was not able to. Instead I fell off the sidewalk into the street onto my back. Luckily I didn't damage anything... only finishing the run with a bruised right leg, cuts on my hell, knee, wrist, and elbow. I got up and finished the run... it hurt... but I got it done. Lets just say there is another Marci Moment to add to the list.

More to come...

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triguyjt said...

did you stick the landing???
What did you get from the Russian Judge???

A 10???