Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Balancing Act

The threesome is more than a sport... more than just my life... it's a balancing act. Juggling regular life, training, and racing can get difficult sometimes for me. Lots of times I have to skip the regular stuff just so I can get a typical week of training in. A typical training week for me includes the following... three swims, two to three bikes, and four runs. I always wonder how the heck do I manage to get this all in... besides just forget about my regular life.

Everything is scheduled into the week on a set day or time. All three swims are done sometime in the morning. Whether early or late... it's easiest to fit those in when I'm fresh and have all the energy needed to hit the pool. The bikes are also done in the morning but scattered throughout the week. Tuesdays and Fridays... if there is no rain forcasted or falling... I get out on the two wheels for at least an hour and half. Then the other ride always occurs Sunday... where I ride Beach Drive with dad. It usually comes late morning after I'm done with my long run. The runs are more easily scheduled... Saturday or Sunday long run, Tuesday and Thursdays Fun Runs with Pacers, and Wednesday Track Workouts with Montgomery County Road Runners.

Even with a hectic training schedule... I'd never once think about changing a part of my world for it.

More to come...

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Colleen said...

You hit the nail on the head saying it's a balancing act. I think that's the fouth discipline of triathlon. And you're right... as crazy as it all is, we wouldn't change it for the world!