Ready Freddy :)

After yesterdays HARD RUN of 11 miles... I can say I'm Ready Freddy... or at least feel that way for National Half. Decided to run Beach Drive instead of my Crescent-DC route... just for a change of pace and scenery. Ran in my Negative Split Racing tri tank and shorts... since that is what i'll be wearing in less than two weeks on race day. Love the shorts but the tank is weird... kept riding up everytime I pulled it down... so I just ran as it was with the tank riding up. Going out the first five I had no targets to chase down but since it was all downhill... ran it pretty well... pretty smooth.... like I was floating on thin air! To the end turned around... to then make my way back up hill to where I started. Shortly after turning around I found my first target... a girl with a NYC 26.2 shirt... took a mile but I passed her. The second target was a girl who was running on the grass... someone I had seen as I was out on Beach Drive... mission accomplised... passed her in no time. The third target... a guy who was a super human bullet while running. He was hard to catch up to... but I caught him in the end. I was out of breathe by the time I caught him. Then once I knew it... I was back to the car... 11 miles in book. A nice hard fought last longish sorta run before I start my taper for the National Half! My minute mile splits per mile were...


So overall a great run... compared to what I have been running lately! Bring on the National Half :)

More to come...


Good running. Best of luck at the half.
Colleen said…
Great run! I loved that you picked out people and were able to catch each one of them! ;)You are going to do great!

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