Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Interview Me....

From Kelly's blog... I commented on her 5 questions she was asked... now she gets to interview me with 5 of her own questions...

1. If you could choose between always being obese and living until you were 100, or always being thin and living until you were 50, which would you chose?
I'd chose being thin until living to 50. Years ago in my childhood years I was stick skinny.... looking back I loved it. Now that I see myself as fat... I'd love to be skinny again!

2. What was the greatest thing you learned from your Ironman experience?
Sad to say... the journey I learned nothing. Ask my team mates... ask my blogger friends who lived through my journey.... they would all say I was a complainer and a worrier. Race week and race day was a different story. I learned to prove alot of people wrong... many who though I couldn't do it. I learned to keep at it... even if it meant almost 7 hours on the bike and walking 5 miles of the run. I really really can't wait to sign up for Lake Placid in a few months and redo the journey part of my next Ironman experience.

3. Do you like your name? If not, what would you change it to?
I sometimes wish my name was more of a common one... but Marci fits well!

4. Do you ever sing or dance when no one is around?
All the time... really!

5. What started you doing triathlons?
11 years of competative swimming got soooooooooooo totally mindless boring. Always said I was going to do one. It didn't help when I found out my favorite Olympic Swimmer Shelia Toarmina went swimmer to triathlete... I was like... heck yeah... I wanna be just like her!

All you gotta do now is comment on my answers! If you want me to interview you with 5 of my own questions... simply reply in your comment of Interview Me!

More to come...


Missy said...

You need to work on making the training part more fun and interesting this time around. Can't worry about things you can't control and now you have some better expectations. The training is where all the fun/crazy stuff happens.

Kelly said...

It's awesome that you started out as a swimmer. I'm sure you have a leg up on everyone else because swimmer seems to be the most hated leg of the race.

TRI-james said...

I think your right about the skinny / obese statement. I would change it to fit / unfit though. When you are unfit you don't realize how much you are limiting yourself. An active 50 years over a sedentary 100 years - FOR SURE!

rebecca said...

cool set of questions :) always glad to learn more about you :)

i may not have a blog, but you can email interview questions with me

:) rsf

Colleen said...

That was fun... I'm jealous of you being a swimmer though - that's the part I just can't seem to get my hands around! :(

TRI-james said...

Interview ME!