25 Random Things

Well... seems the rest of blogger world has done this... guess it my turn! Already did it on Facebook... but that was boring... so I'm gonna change it up a bit!

1. I have a fraternal twin sister who is two minutes older than me and sometimes uses it to her advantage!

2. I own 6 Build A Bears... 4 Bears and 2 Dogs!

3. I'm very hard headed... as my masters coach and tri coach in Texas have said. I can just about beat myself up over anything and everything!

4. I am serious age group triathlete... found out I totally suck at it though! I go out to race and place... that's about it!

5. I represented the USA at the 2007 ITU Long Distance World Triathlon Championships in L'Orient Frace... the place of my first ever DNF! Thanks alot handlebars!

6. I use to work at Richardson Bike Mart... the place where Mr. Lance Armstrong got his start in cycling. Never met the guy though!

7. When I worked at Kiefer Swim Shop in Plano, Tx... I one day answered the phone and it was no other than the founder Adolph Kiefer... 1936 Gold Medalist in the 100 backstroke!

8. I could text message all day long if I could... soooooo addicted to it!

9. I visited the hospital 3 times last year... all within months of each other!

10. I met Michael Phelps when I was in attendance to watch US Swimming Natls in College Park, MD in 2003. He is such a babe!

11. I currently work at a Barnes and Noble Booksellers while I try to figure out what to do with my life. The perks of working there are oh so fabulous!

12. I am going to one day write a kids book... who knows what it will about though!

13. My next door neighbors cat at my family's second house in MD followed me and my friends to school one day... it was a mile walk!

14. I am obssesed about going to visit Canada one of these days... haven't been there since I was 9 years old!

15. My twin and I have attended the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, OH 4 times since 1993. Such a blast!

16. There were 10 sets of twins in my high school graduating class... my class was over 1000 kids!

17. I went to the same college as Norah Jones, Dr. Phil, and The Eagles... Go Mean Green!

18. I am addicted to Starbuck coffee... it's my get me up several morning of the week!

19. I have had my American Girl Doll... Samantha Parkington... for over 13 years now... and she's still in great shape!

20. I wtite in my journal every day... don't know how I would live without it!

21. I plan to complete every Ironman in North America one day... this isn't the first time I've mentioned this!

22. I was not destined to be an elementary school teacher... though that's what my degree is in!

23. I am going to soon be a swim instructor and teach little kiddos how to swim!

24. I miss place my cell phone frequently these days!

25. I often think the whole world hates my guts! I know it's not true... but sometimes that's how it seems!

More to come...


Missy said…
#25. You have to learn not to give a shit what people think!:) Those are good ones and all seem to be 'brushes with fame'.
Kelly said…
1. If you could choose between always being obese and living until you were 100, or always being thin and living until you were 50, which would you chose?
2. What was the greatest thing you learned from your Ironman experience?
3. Do you like your name? If not, what would you change it to?
4. Do you ever sing or dance when no one is around?
5. What started you doing triathlons?

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