Monday, January 12, 2009

26.2 in 3 Days

Today I completed my 26.2 miles running in three consecutive days. Mentally it was tough... esp doing back to back 10 milers on Saturday and Sunday. The 6 miles today were tough physically... my legs had that same feeling that they would at mile 20 of a plain full blast 26.2.

Saturday's 10 miler took 1:30 on the dot... Sunday's 10.5 miler took 1:32 to complete.. and today's 5.7 miler took a tad over 50 minutes run. I'm not complaining about an overall time of 3:52 by any means... simply cause it would have been better that what I could have done at White Rock if I hadn't DNFed.

The challenge I brought upon myself over the past three days did alot of good for me! I've already decided that the next running challenge I bring upon myself will be just a tad more miles and will attempt to run 30 in three consecutive days. Of course that won't be for a while!

More to come...