White Rock 26.2 Hospital Visit

So there I was... the next thing I knew I was being carted off in a golf cart with two cute paramedics to an ambulance. It was question after question after question until we arrived to the ambulance. I was put on a stretcher and off we went.

My blood pressure was taken... I got to tell my story of how I landed in the ambulance... and finally they tried to poke me to start an IV. Better luck next time. First the right arm... nothing... then the left arm... nothing. One paramedic told me my skin was as tough as a rhinoceros and that there were no veins visible... so it wouldn't be until I arrived at the hospital they would poke me for a third time... ouch! As they drove through the streets of Dallas to Baylor... I heard sirens and had to ask where they were coming from. I was told it was the very ambulance I was in... that was pretty cool. Cars were stopped and everything to let us go by.

Finally... minutes and minutes later we arrived. I was taken out of the ambulance and into my own little hospital room. I was introduced to the nurses and doctors that would be overseeing me for the next few hours. Again... my story was told... and boy was it getting OLD! Since they had to find a vein to start the IVs... lucky me I got to get poked again... which this time really hurt... and the first bag of IV fluids started. Seconds later... Julie and Jane had arrived. I was so embarrassed for what had happened... all I could do was break down in tears and tell them I was sorry for what had happened.

The next few hours was time well spent with Julie and Jane... changing out the first IV bag to the second one... visits from doctors and nurses to see how I was doing... phone calls to friends to let them know of what happened. It got old and boring... but it had to happen.

Four hours later... both IV bags had gone through and I was released. As I walking out of the hospital with Jane and Julie... a news reporter from WFAA Channel 8 approached me to interview me for a story relating to runners medical issues at the White Rock Marathon. I have to admit that was pretty cool. It was soon off to DFW to catch a flight back to DC.

If there is ever an interesting story to a race... I seem to have one made!

More to come...


What an experience!

Stay tuned...
Sarah said…
If anyone ever compared me to a rhino in any way, I'd probably punch them in the nose. Props to you for self-control.
Spokane Al said…
I am glad to hear that you came out the hospital door with a smile and ready for an interview!
Andrea said…
See...it was the race of your life! Just didn't end the way you thought it would. :)

Listen to that little voice inside you - the one that says you did the right thing - and leave it at that. No doubts. No looking back.

Move forward.

I've been to the hospital twice - and once before what I thought was going to be the biggest race of my life. I know. It sucks.

But it sure does make for a good story - even if you have to tell it a million times. :)
Rainmaker said…
Glad to hear you made it out of teh hostpital pretty quickly - and that in the end, you're alright. Hang in there!
Jill Costantino said…
Good to hear that you are all OK!!!

Be good to yourself!
Happy Holidays!

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