Not a good day at White Rock...

Runner Dies at Dallas White Rock Marathon

Runner dies at Dallas White Rock Marathon

10:44 PM CST on Sunday, December 14, 2008

By WFAA-TV and The Dallas Morning News Reports

DALLAS - A 29-year-old female runner collapsed during the Dallas White Rock Marathon this afternoon and died, authorities said.

Just five miles away from the finish line, Erin Lahr of Austin collapsed at the 21-mile mark on Empire Road in the Lakewood area. She was transported to Baylor Medical University Center in Dallas where she was pronounced dead at 11:51 a.m.

Her cause of death had not been determined, according to the Dallas County medical examiner's office.

"This isn't a good feeling," said Marcus Grunewald, the race's director.

While organizers provided water throughout the route, crews treated dozens of people for dehydration.

Chuck Dannis, the White Rock Marathon president, said the 20-degree increase in temperature and strong winds likely contributed to the troubles along the marathon.

"I think what happened is people weren't trained for the hot weather," he said. "I think that was a surprise to most people who ran."

The winner, Henry Serem of Kenya, finished in just over two hours, which was the slowest winning time in six years.

"[It] should have been a piece of cake, but it wasn't," said Marci Goldberg, a 24-year-old runner.

While Goldberg has completed the White Rock Marathons twice, she said she couldn't make it to the finish line this year. She ended up being one of several runners who were hospitalized for dehydration.

"Personally, for me, it's a lot easier when it's 45 degrees," she said. "It was kind of scary. Little disappointed I didn't finish, but I know I did the right thing."

WFAA-TV's Jonathan Betz and The Dallas Morning News' Dan X. McGraw contributed to this report

Race and hospital report to come...


Kona Shelley said…
Wow..not only famous, but pretty darned smart. Glad you knew the right thing to do!!
There will be lots of other marathons!
IronJenny said…
Oh no!!!
Well I am glad you are okay -- you can try again soon - any races locally that you can jump in on? I mean, you're already trained...
Sorry about your race, but you did the right thing.
Rainmaker said…
Sorry about the race - but good to hear you're OK. I checked on ya last night and was hoping you were all good.

Btw, there's a BQ marathon mid-Feb just across the Potomac in Maryland. I've got a friend that's looking to do it. With the weather nice and cold that time of year still you should completely rock it. Plus, it's cheap and local. And you've got a incredible base already.

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