Turkey Chase 10k

For such a freakin' cold morning... the Turkey Chase 10k in Bethesda Maryland turned out to be a good little training run. Results are not up yet... well mine aren't... but I will post them as soon as they become available.

Since I registered this morning... race day... a first for me... I got out to the race site EARLY. By 7:45 I was registered and had 45 minutes to kill before the run started. I warmed up and tried to find a fellow blogger peep... but he was nowhere to be found.

Orginally the plan was running tights... long sleeve running shirt... short sleeve running shirt... and gloves... turned out to be shorts instead of running tights... crazy for temps in the high 20s.

The start finally got here and the "take your mark... GO" was finally announced. I started at the front of my wave... and did stayed there for the first 1.25 mile until the unexpected happened. All was well... I was running in the low 7 minute mile range... when my shoe laces became untied and I had to stop to tie my chip back onto my shoe lace... LAME. Well it ight have just given me bad luck for the latter half of the race. At the halfway point of this very hilly run I was at about 23 minutes... looked like I was gonna set a PR... but the hills about killed me. The hills were rolling but once on Rockville Pike... it was steeper and longer hills... mostly going up. It sucked... it really did! My pace slowed down significantly and I was hoping I could still make it uner 50 minutes. The aide stations were scarce... I needed some kind of fluid and quick. My energy level started to go down and I was very much starting to struggle through it. As soon as we hit Old Georgetown Road it was a straight line to the finish line. The next two miles crept by slowly. Up and down... up and down. The last .2 miles were finally in sight and so was the finish. As soon as I saw the Mile 6 marker... I sped up and gave it all I got. It was a sprint to the finish... just making it in time.

48:53 was what my Garmin said... but we'll see if the results beg to differ!

Overall another fun run at the Turkey Chase 10k!

More to come...


Rainmaker said…
Congrats! I heard that was a great race from a number of folks!
IronJenny said…
Awesome! Way to hang in there when the going got tough.
Did anybody catch the turkey?;-)

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