Time To Remember Why...

Its been up and then down times that process a million times this weekend. Anyone who knows me and knows me well has to know how important this sport and journey and process is. Its more than just a t-shirt and a finisher medal and a finish time. It's about reaching goals and making friends and accomplishing things I never thought were possible. Yes I put several and countless hours a week and weekend into my training. If it makes me happy to just be out there and doing it and enjoying it; then that's all I need... right? This season has reminded me well that I don't need a podium that usually comes with another award (because I don't have room for them anyways)to smile the whole race.
I stated in this earlier blog post today that I maybe needed to LET GO of Heather as my coach and MOVE ON. I've been thinking about it ALOT today and I will send her the signed contract for one whole year of coaching with the payment for October. From the start it had nothing to do with her. It was my feelings and my emotions at the time. I know I've said it so much lately but its incredible what kind of impact a coach can have an on athlete. I need Heather so much more than she could ever imagine. Her workouts can be brutal sometimes but they help build a Stronger Confident Marci Triathlete. It's scary yet exciting to think I will be a coached athlete. Heather seems to be a good fit. To say the least I'm most looking forward to being accountable for getting my workouts in. Now I'm blabbing but when do I not blab. LOL!


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