Successes on Thursday

After yesterday's failed and disappointed ride; I needed to have a good workout or two this morning. Today called for a track workout (with my friends who are in the DC Triathlon Club Women's Group) and another pool swim.
Today's track workout brought a very strange distance mileage wise to my Garmin. I usually run whole or half miles; but 3.60 miles, how the heck did that happen. Well the fact that I was busy catching up with my friend Tamieka about her upcoming vacation and not paying attention to my Garmin caused that. Today's workout was a good one. After a mile warm up with drills on the last 400; we did a 1600 steady with a 400 recovery followed by an 800 steady with a 400 recovery then last a 400 fast with a 400 recovery. I have to look at my Garmin data on Garmin Connect; but I think I broke 9 minutes on the 1600 aka the mile; YIPPIE! I think my paces for the 800 and 400 were spectacular as well; so I'm super pleased!
I didn't see this till after my swim was done but my friend Tamieka always posts after her run Thursday morning on Instagram. LOVED what comment I saw today as "@meangreentri (that's my Insta account) way to rock it today!!!". My heart is full and I love that she noticed how I did today.
Onto the swim a short time later. Since we run track at Richard Montgomery and today's workouts had 25s and 75s in it; I had no choice but to go to Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center, where I work to do my swim. For after a run my swim was actually pretty decent. I've been doing this for a while but writing my workout in bright colors gives me a great way to be motivated to get in the pool. And well; since the pool heater is broken the water temp said 83 but it felt a little chillier so it took me almost 30 minutes to actually dive in once I first felt the water with my toes. I'm such a procrastinator. I always do my warm up and cool down with a mix of free and back, but my coach (thanks Heather) said everything needs to be freestyle because "triathlete's don't swim stroke during triathlons". I totally screwed up on the 75s and did a few 75s and a few 125s because as usual; I lost count even with the Garmin. My pace overall was awesome for short course meters so I'm a HAPPY triathlete. Tomorrow is a long swim; I don't even want to blab about that workout cause it's cruel and unusual punishment and a 1 hour and 30 minute bike ride (praying it rains after I bike; don't wanna do a trainer ride). Onward in this amazing journey.


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