Starting to Appreciate The Longer Workouts

My workout today was a 1 hour and 25 minute run. At first I was thinking that I couldn't do it; but I was totally wrong. I ended up doing just a little over 7 miles which is a pretty good distance run for me. I always am a little scared when I see long stuff; but it turns out not to be that scary. I now appreciate the longer workouts. I know for a fact they are a key part of my success as a triathlete to complete longer distances. But back to today's run. The plan was to run this morning before going to work at the pool; but other stuff had to get done. I was scared that after work I would talk myself out of the run and make all sorts of excuses. I thought it would be hot this afternoon but it never even got to 80 which was good. I did my normal Bethesda into Chevy Chase loop and then up the paved Capital Crescent. I still had about 40 minutes left so I decided to go on the unpaved Georgetown Branch Trail to Connecticut Avenue and back. Most of my run was shaded so when I got to 1 hour and 25 minutes I stopped. I wanted to do 8 miles; but I didn't want to be out when the sun started going down. Onward to more long training days,


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