Wednesday, July 19, 2017

One Month Down...

Today the countdown to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City hits 59 days until race day. I usually don't like to count up or count down but this is a special race for me. I'm FINALLY registered for an Ironman Branded 70.3 and will get to race it. I signed up for this race last October and it's now so close. I've registered in the past for other branded races and have had to pull out; so this will be my first one. It's taken me 13 years being in this wonderful sport of triathlon and YES I finally get to do it. I'm excited for so many things to happened that weekend in September but I have a LONG way to get to the start line.
In order to get to the start line I first must conquer my training. Thanks to Tri Equal and the Equally Inspiring Team; I am getting three months of free coaching from Heather Leiggi who is a pro triathlete and coach. She is paying it forward and I deeply grateful for this opportunity. It's now been a month that I've been getting coached. It's been a crazy awesome experience. My body is tired and fatigue a lot but it should be all worth it come the end of my tri season. On a normal week I start with a rest day then have three swim, cycle and run workouts and a brick workout come the weekend. There have been ups and downs. I'm trying to learn not to beat myself up when things go wrong and I'm getting slightly better at it. I have missed a few workouts over the past few weeks and it usually bothers me. Some days I have just gotten the workout done the next day so I don't feel guilty about missing a quality workout. I've gotten stronger in the swim and on the bike; but the run has been an issue. I've never been a great runner but I'd like to improve on my pace a bit so I can feel more confident during my race and not dread it. It's getting there and it will; I just have to be patient. Onward kids. Lets Do This. Love This Journey and Love This Sport. Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City Here I Come.

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