Friday, June 30, 2017

What I Want...

This week I have been over consumed with working at both the indoor and outdoor pools but of course mostly with my training for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. Being consumed in numbers this week between yardage and heart rate and cadence and pace among many other random ones; I've had the time to think about what it is I want with everything triathlon related. After two weeks of coaching; I want to be coached from here on out. Sometime at the end of the July; I will talk to Heather about the future after she's done Paying It Forward thanks to Tri Equal's Equally Inspiring Team. I like her workouts and so far I like her as a coach. When it comes to race weekend in Atlantic City; the only person I want to be there is her. I don't want to be mean to family and friends who I'm sure would love to come support me; but I want to go to a race all by myself; but if Heather has nothing to do that weekend; I want her there. I'll bring that up as well. I also have been thinking about accepting myself as a triathlete this week. I've done the workouts as needed; I am a triathlete and will always be a triathlete; I know that. Its been quite sometime since I've been a star at the sport. It was nice to be known; it was nice to have friends. I'm ok with not being at the top but I feel like there were so many people out there who liked me ONLY because I was a beast and because I was at the top. There are so many triathletes who I once talked to who haven't talked to me in ages because I'm middle to back of the pack now. I still enjoy the sport but its a different enjoyment now; one of which I like and dislike the same amount. I guess that's all for now because there surely wasn't much to write about today. Onward to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City and Onward to many bike and run miles this weekend.

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