Sunday, June 25, 2017

This Girl's Got GOALS...

As week two being coached by Heather Leiggi starts tomorrow; I have goals to get done. The first goal is to NOT start counting down to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. I want to be able to enjoy this journey and having the chance to be coached. I want to inspired by what I can do and what goals I can reach. Besides enjoying the journey I want to feel less stressed about things; including not getting myself worked up about a bad workout or thinking Heather may not like me one bit. Both happened in week one and I seriously almost threw in the towel. Everyone has ups and downs in training and in life. I had several ups and many downs last week; but I made it and I should be proud. The other thing is something that is a habit. I don’t think Heather dislikes me; or well I hope not. I know she won’t judge and she’s here to guide me. I should be happy and think positively about that stuff.
This week I have so many workouts to do. I know that it will be tough to manage to get everything in but I can get it done. I’m very committed to this training and this journey and this process. From what I glanced at of my training plans; Wednesday could be tough to get done. I have both a bike and run scheduled, but it’s not a brick (which will get done on Saturday). Wednesday is a busy day for me to have two workouts with swim lessons to teach and my therapist appointment which I need to go to. But I’ll get everything done. Looking at my plans seem overwhelming; so in this case I just have to do it. Onward to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City my friends.

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Tamieka T said...

You got this!!

Know that ups and downs and self doubt happen with everyone....I wish you continued success in your training.