Results Are Great But...

I think this screenshot says it all. “Results are great but this sport is supposed to be fun.” This conversation came after my triathlon season opener at Rev3 Montclair Triathlon in Montclair, Virginia. Going into this triathlon; my first since Ironman Lake Placid which was last July, I wanted to do well. The goal was to have a good swim, CRUSH the bike, and just get through the run pain free (that story will come up at some point). Well I did just that this past Sunday. Something I didn’t tell a single soul was that all I could think about leading up to the race was placing in my age group and standing somewhere on that podium. When I finished and got my results to find out where I stood; 6 out of 19 in the female 30-34 age group, I was truly BUMMED until I saw results online and had to take that screenshot and send it to Heather. I had an amazing swim, a fierce bike, and well my run needs some work in the speed department. But the fact that I had the SECOND FASTEST swim and the THIRD FASTEST bike in my age group; OMG, I had to let Heather know.
For those of you who don’t know yet; I got a spot on Tri Equal’s Equally Inspiring Team last fall. I shared my story about my depression and how the sport has helped me deal with it. A perk of being on this team is getting three months of coaching by a coach who is basically paying it forward. These coaches are giving their time to coach athletes like me and get them ready for a race of their choice. My coach is Heather Leiggi; a pro triathlete and coach based out of Delaware. She was a runner growing up and now well is a pro. She’s not at the top of the pro rankings but I think it’s amazing she is where she is. The race I chose for her to coach me for three months is on September 17 of this year; Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. Though I have done a handful of half irons; this will be by my first Ironman Branded 70.3.
Back to the conversation at the start of this blog; I was super duper stoked and excited for the race I had, even though I didn’t come near to standing on the podium and getting what would have been an extra medal. I had to let Heather know that I hit my goals that everyone knew about. I don’t know what she wants for me as an athlete of hers for three months; but it was so supportive and I commend her for telling me that results are great but not everything. I had posted the picture that my boyfriend took of me somewhere on the second loop of the bike course giving a thumbs up and smiling because I was literally having way too much fun out there crushing the bike and well she obviously LOVED it.
I guess this is the start of my journey to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. I am getting my workouts through Training Peaks; in which the app is on my phone, but I also am writing every workout in a binder. I got my first full week of workouts. Yesterday was my Rest Day, today is a swim with L4 Masters Swimming day, so that means tomorrow starts my training by her. Seriously people; it’s amazing but also kind of nerve wrecking. I know Heather is not here to judge me; I know because she told me that already but I just want this to be a positive experience (and I want her to not dislike me, but that’s my anxiety talking). Being a part of Team Heather right now is pretty amazing. Here We Go Friends. Onward to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City.


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