Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Main Set Was Not That Miserable...

Unlike a week ago; this Tuesday at L4 Swimming masters practice was so much better and I WILL NOT I repeat WILL NOT be throwing in the towel. I will instead be giving it my best and only giving 100% each day what I can give. Everybody for the most part thinks I don’t give myself enough credit and they are so correct about that. I rarely give myself credit and I don’t praise myself for my abilities. Well this Tuesday night; I have a lot of pride to show for what I tackled at practice.
I ended up cutting warm up a little short so I could get the whole main set in. My triathlon coach likes to see data from my main set when I go to masters swim on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The warm up was boring and lame anyways; Lol. The first I see when the marker board was shown to me with the main set was DESCEND; damn it, I absolutely stink at DESCEND. I can never get faster like descending is meant to be. Well; guess what? I descended the first set of the main set which was 3x 100s on the 2 mins. Not just did I do a great job at descending; I killed it. Each 100 got 5 seconds faster; which means overall from 1 to 3 I descended by a whopping 10 seconds. Go Me!!!!! After the 100 easy free I knew this set would be getting somewhat harder. The next part of the workout was 6x 50s descend by groups of 2; your choice that doesn’t equal free. Of course you guessed it; I did butterfly. With the long course meet at Wilson Aquatic Center on July 9th and doing the 200 fly I need to get my endurance back to where it’s at so I can successfully complete the event in a 50 meter pool. If you look at my splits; I very much descended by groups of two; haha except the last 2 50s. I kinda ascended or barely stayed even. Lately I’ve found sprint butterfly to be hard because my stroke is not exactly in rhythm. After the next 100 free easy it was 100 ALL OUT your choice. Guess what I did; wait for it; tada Butterfly. Now this sucked major. My body was tired from the 6x 50s fly and the 100 easy didn’t give my body any recovery. I honestly can’t complain about a 1:39 in short course yards; but I think my meters time was slightly faster and meters is longer than yards. I did the last 100 easy then cooled down and was done.
I have to be proud; right. I mean that main set was brutal and I did it and put in a solid effort. But hey look at the bright side; I’m ahead of where I need to be to hit 250 swimming miles this year and so close to being 50% of the way there. I’m at 123.99 miles right now. I need to be at 125 miles to be halfway. Wow oh wow; I’ll get there. Today’s workouts include a 30 minute run in Zone 2 and an hour bike; the main set consisting of 3x 5 minutes with a 5 minutes recovery in Zone 4; yikes. Ready to conquer week two and ready to go Onward to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City.

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