First REAL Workout From Heather

So after a horrific swim Tuesday night at L4 Masters where I totally wanted to throw in the towel and give up on this coaching thing through TriEqual’s Equally Inspiring Team even though I hadn’t started the workouts Heather Leiggi would give me. Well I had my FIRST real success training wise under her plans.
I knew it would a be in the 90s when I went out to ride so I knew I’d need a tri tank; and now that I actually had one of the tanks from one of my two ambassadorships, I was just that much more excited about riding Zoom. I have to say my SBR Sports, Inc. Tri Tank is super light and super comfortable and it has pockets so if I had remembered my Boom Energy Gels; I could have put them in there.
Back to the success of my ride; I LOVE saying I had success and super darn proud of it. The warm up was half of the workout; consisting of easy spinning, fast pedaling, and some build before the main set. Oh and the main set was my favorite speaking of main sets; a 20 minute time trial. I got in the aero bars and just rode like the wind. For the 20 minutes I ended up riding just short of 6 miles at a 17.5 average. It was a flat course with some false flats but it felt good, real good in fact. I honestly needed a good solid training day which of course turned out to be the first workout Heather gave me. My confidence is back now. I Can and I Will Do This. No Quitting. No Holding Back. I Got This. Onward to Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City Friends.


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