Friday, May 26, 2017

Putting Things Back into Perspective and Keeping Them That Way...

Ever since my totally every so amazing 4 mile run on Tuesday; one in which I ran under a 10 minute mile average pace in which I hadn't done in along time, my world seemed to fall apart and the negativity started. I know what the triggers were and now I'm a bit embarrassed about. Now I'm out of that negativity thing that lasted the last part of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I'm finally putting things back into perspective. I had posted some things on social media; which concerned a bunch of friends and it makes me feel terrible I ever did that. I finally reached out to who I needed to and things are getting better.
Now that it's over with I have to keep things in perspective. At times I think I don't make an impact in this world. Even though my job is teaching lessons; I'm teaching kids of several age groups a skill that is utmost important. Some of my kids have a harder time than others but they eventually get there. When they do I feel amazing beyond what you can imagine.
I have to keep in perspective what I've done since the Spring 2016 Season with Girls on the Run in Montgomery County Maryland. I just finished my third season with Girls on the Run and have fallen head over heals in love with the process and journey. Besides training for and completing the 5k; the girls and coaches go through a curriculum dealing with many issues these girls will face growing up. One of my favorite lessons is about finding the star amongst us. Basically making sure our star doesn't get covered by the clouds and we keep it shining bright. As an athlete and member of society I can find some good lessons in this. This is where perspective comes in to play; its like making sure my star shines brightly.
To end this blog post I hope you read this picture above starring Winnie the Pooh. I am ok and will be ok; now that I'm back to putting things into perspective. I am Braver than I Believe, Stronger Than I Seem, and Smarter than I Think.

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Tamieka T said...

Glad you have been able to put things back into perspective.

Continued positive vibes your way!!