Monday, March 6, 2017

Needing To Pull Myself Back Together...

Let's just say I had a very rough weekend. Alongside my training not going well, EVERYONE I know had success. One girl I know from the Women for Tri group on Facebook group ran a stellar marathon in Myrtle Beach and came in second overall for the girls. One of my good friends that used to swim with year round and in high school in the Dallas area got Rookie of the Year in her triathlon club. On the other hand, things went wrong and I completely gave up and bailed on a long run. It wasn't that I couldn't do it physically, but mentally I wasn't sure how to bounce back after my fall two weekends ago.
I guess I'm the only one (a) comparing myself and (b) beating myself up and (c) being hard on myself. Except for a comment back in Lake Placid the day after Ironman, I'm the only one saying I'm not good enough to be in this sport and that I should quit. YES... I'm not as fast as I use to be in the sport of triathlon or running. I am going to take blame however for bad eating habits which caused me to gain a bit of weight over the past few years. That in itself has probably caused the slow down. I know I may be getting off topic here but that right there is what has caused (a) (b) and (c) to happen.
I mean... how many people do I know that actually care about me and love me can say that they have earned their share of these kind of car magnets or stickers? Finishing 17 marathons since 2006 of which 3 of them came during an Ironman triathlon... I'm guessing is pretty impressive and not to shabby. My times haven't been anywhere near glorious for most of the marathons and any of the Ironmans... but at least I was out there respecting the distance and the sport in general. Point made and taken... after my rough weekend of comparisons and beating myself up... I need to pull it together. After all my 18th... yes 18th marathon is only 56 days away.

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Andrea Hipps said...

At least you are recognizing key elements in your situation. Sometimes the hardest part is being honest with ourselves. You have accomplished great things! Keep that in mind. And when you were having your successes, someone else was struggling on their journey. I completely understand where you're coming from as our journeys share some similarities and I, too, am trying to get back to the 20 lb. lighter (but still not fast) me. It's easy to beat ourselves up when everyone around us is having their "wins" and we feel like we're in a constant uphill battle. Don't lose faith. Look for moments in your journey, no matter how small, to celebrate. And when others around you are having their successes, celebrate with them and use that positive energy as a boost to keep you motivated to keep chipping away at the obstacle or wall that seems to be in your way. After all, getting over such obstacles is one hell of an accomplishment and reason for celebration!