Things Go Wrong...

Been so many weeks since I have blogged last that I really need to right now. So much has been going on in my training that I want to share. I am going to start off by saying I'm proud of myself for what has happened since Saturday.
So 10.64 miles was the distance when I stopped running. I had a 12 miler planned but as soon as I got to the sidewalk that ran by the tennis courts at the East Potomac Park Tennis Center, my run was OVER. I have a long history of being CLUMSY when I run. Well Saturday showed that it was true. I missed the crack in the sidewalk and went down. All the sudden a few runners and cyclists that saw what happened came over to see if I was ok. I let out a hard cry because I had fallen over and hit my knees and palms on the concrete pretty bad. There was blood coming out of my knees and my palms of my hand. A runner suggested I go over to the Tennis Bubble to get cleaned up, which is what I did. After what was 30 minutes of cleaning the blood up and bandaging myself up, I got a ride to the Smithsonian metro station from a tennis bubble patron and metro-ed back to Bethesda where I had started my run earlier that morning. While on metro I had a little kid tell me that I had plenty of boo boo's... he was so right. Until Sunday night when my boyfriend Joe, pulled rocks and dirt and gravel out of me; the pain in my knees sucked. Apparently my knees had gotten infected before he cleaned it out very well.
I ended up doing nothing on Sunday, then on Monday and Tuesday I swam with my pull buoy because I was afraid to kick and hurt myself more. The picture is from right before masters swim practice on Tuesday night with Lane4 Swimming at Stone Ridge School in Bethesda. I hate pulling and I NEVER ever use the pull buoy. Monday when I swam on my own I just swam 2 by 500s free to see if I could withstand being in the water. Yay... I could. I ended up asking my masters coach Stephen if there was something, anything I could work on Tuesday night to improve my freestyle technique since I was swimming aimlessly. I worked on my catch during freestyle by doing underwater recovery and ended up skulling a bit, which brought me to moving no where fast anytime soon.
Today because it was mildly warm for the end of February, I got Speedy my road bike out and went for a spin. I said I would take it easy. Hah... 17.5 mph average on a flat road over 10.35 is NOT I mean NOT taking it easy by any means. But oh man did it feel good to just ride. Tomorrow's high are supposed to hit the 70s... I'm definitely riding again.
I only say YAY ME because usually with the depression I have a set back would bring me down. But I didn't let my clumsy fall on Saturday bring me down. I'm proud of myself for that.


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