Twenty Seventeen Season Goals

From March 12 to Nov 12... My 2016 Triathlon and Running season flew by oh so quickly. I learned two things in 2016... (a) NEVER ever run 4 marathons in one year especially if the second one is part of an Ironman Triathlon and (b) It's about the journey you experience and the friends you make along the way. But now it's 2017 and I have some MAJOR goals to accomplish. Whether mileage goals for each sport or time goals for events and distances I swim and cycle and run... I'm very excited about this season. I laid out my goals on my planner and am in the process of making a vision board with all my goals laid out. I'll make sure just like my goals are laid out on my planner to see... that my vision board will be seen. So 2017... Bring It. To happiness and health and to living my dreams... I'm gonna make it a great 2017 Triathlon and Running Year.


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