Monday, January 16, 2017

The Motivation To Reach My Goals...

Just so I record how my goals are coming along for the season, I made my version of a vision board. Besides my race schedule, which is FINALLY set in stone, I have a place to record when I reach milestones in hitting my mileage goals. Fortunately, it's only the middle of January and I have alot of the year left. It's unfortunate last week I had the flu and was barely able to train. But thankfully I have a somewhat planned training schedule for myself in my little binder. It shows which discipline I need to do each day. In the boxes that are not blacked out I'll write the distance I did each day.
Crossing my fingers this works. So excited that I am able to train this week. As my countdown says, I only have 103 Days till my first marathon of 2017 and my eighteenth marathon lifetime since 2006, can't wait to train and Run The Shore on April 30th.

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