TriEqual Team Equally Inspiring

I am elated and excited and honored to have been chosen for to be part of such a great team of inspiring ladies for the 2017 season! I had submitted my application and inspiring story months ago that I forgot I even applied! I got the email Tuesday and accepted right away! Sometime in the next year my inspiring story will be shared throughout social media through TriEqual! As being a part of this team I am placed with a coach for three months of training for a triathlon of my choice! Mid June I will start working with Heather Leiggi who is a professional triathlete and coach based in Delaware as I train for Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City in Mid September! I've already traded some emails with Heather and I'm looking forward to working with her! I can't believe I'm going to be coached by a professional triathlete! It's a BIG deal to me and no one and I mean no one can take that excitement and thrill away from me!


Tamieka T said…
Whohooo!! So exciting!!

I literally jumped out of my office chair when I got the email!!!

I have a convo scehduled with my coach on Monday.

Good luck in your training!

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