Marathon Season PR at Richmond

That's right a 2016 Personal Record for the marathon distance to end my very long season of marathon running! 5 hours 13 minutes 12 seconds... I'll take it! If you look at my average pace at the 6.2 mile... 13.1 mile... 20 mile... and 26.2 mile mark I stayed fairly consistent during the marathon! The over time is not a great time but I'm very happy with it! I really really wanted to be just under 5 hours but it didn't happen and that's ok! The fact that I was out there and did my FOURTH marathon of 2016 and my SEVENTEENTH marathon since 2006... is like holy moly remarkable! I stayed with the 5 hour pace group until just before mile 18 and had to back off a bit... listen to my body... it was really the smart thing to do! Though the weather was PERFECT and my nutrition NEVER FAILED... I keep telling myself that I did the right thing... slowed the pace down a bit and ran downhill to the finish line in happy tears because what I just did was AMAZING! I'd love to write a longer more detailed report... but I feel like I don't need to because the memories of the journey for America's Friendliest Marathon is still inside me! Below are some pictures from the 2016 Anthem Richmond Marathon Weekend!
Twenty Six Point Two for the FINAL Time in 2016
Loved My Bib Number
Oooh the Pace Car
At the start of the 26.2 mile journey
At the finish of the 26.2 mile journey
My most favorite Richmond Marathon Blanket and Medal


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