Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thoughts on this Marine Corps Marathon Race Week... So Far...

Race Week is ALWAYS special! This week has been super duper long but come tomorrow when I head to National Harbor for Packet Pickup this whole race week thing will become all to real! Back in March when I saw my credit card charged which meant I was in for MCM this coming weekend... I had a hard time finding meaning to why I was running! Sure... it's a backyard marathon for this Maryland girl but there had to be more to it. After completing Ironman Lake Placid in July... I wasn't sure I could handle training for MCM (and then Richmond which I run November 12)! My body told me it wanted to run long but it was still in recovery mode! I had to step back and listen to my body! My longest run for MCM was a measly 15.25 miles a few weekends ago! I thought "Damn It... MCM will be a disaster"! Well... last weekend I found meaning for running MCM this Sunday!
Why not Thank the Marines all weekend... but of course in a different way! I am in the process of making Thank You's to hand out to the Marines at Packet Pickup and the Expo and of course Race Day! It's simple using a white sheet of paper and colored pencil but for me it does the job! I have a few good friends who are former Marines and they have taught me so much in life! I am sincerely running for those two guys and have talked to them and thanked them for their service and for being such a good positive influence in my life! I'm excited to see the Marines faces when I hand them the Thank You's... especially as I run MCM! It will be awesome! Will post more thoughts tomorrow and Saturday as I gear up for my third marathon this year and my sixteenth marathon lifetime since 2006!

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