Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It Had Been Two Months...

But I FINALLY got back on the bike last Friday. It was not easy at all to get back on the saddle. Honest, at first I was scared and afraid to get back on the bike. The only two other times I had been on the bike, which were a few weeks after Ironman Lake Placid, (1) I had gone over a some small potholes and thankfully hit the grass on my left shoulder and )2) while riding down a small but curvy descent I hit an area of gravel but thankfully kept control and avoided a spill onto the pavement. When I rode last Friday voices kept going through my head. I was scared so I was hoping not go over any potholes, control my speed on the down hills, and get into my aerobars later on in the ride. Not only did I accomplish those three things just states, I also still had my climbing legs and was able to get up the hills without struggling too much. All in all, even with being quite nervous I had a good time and rode a short slow 25 miles. Later today I'll get back on the bike and take a semi short ride around Hains Point in DC.

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