Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Expecting But Not Expecting...

According to every countdown calendar I have made there are only THIRTY TWO days till Marine Corps Marathon and FOURTY FIVE days till the Richmond Marathon. I don't expect fast times at either race. I expect though to feel lucky that I get to run BOTH marathons... only THIRTEEN days apart. As far as Marine Corps Marathon goes... I'm a first timer at this one. Though DC has been my backyard and playground from 1984 through 1997 and then from 2008 through now and onward... I never had the interest in running this one because it was too big and too many people. But that changed last year in 2015 when a friend of mine from England got in the lottery and I didn't. I was determined to Run with The Marines this year... and thankfully I got in the lottery. My training hasn't been great but over time... in the next few weekends i'll get it done. Just to RUN in our Nation's Capital is something that I must do. There's NOTHING like running in DC. Then it's onward to Richmond. I LOVE LOVE LOVE running America's Friendliest Marathon as it's been named. I was a first timer for Richmond in 2013. My time was 4 hours and 45 minutes which was my slowest marathon time to that day. Man if I could run a 4 hour 45 minutes marathon this year... I'd be ecstatic and overjoyed. I'll have my boyfriend there cheering me on which will be fun. Although I really enjoy running that course... I can't wait to be done and get my fleecish finishers blanket. Until then... I guess I MUST train and run long.

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