Saturday, August 27, 2016

Motivation Is The Key...

Right now I am in need of some major big time MOTIVATION. I have my first Marine Corps Marathon in a little over 10 weeks and then I have my second Richmond Marathon exactly 12 weeks from today. Since I don't have an actual plan for marathon 3 and 4 this year which will be 16 and 17 lifetime... I had to play around with older plans and come up with my own. I ended making this little chart to keep myself on track and motivated to do my training for both marathons. For some strange reason... it's really working out well. Then when it comes to swimming... I want to swim 300 miles this year. Through United States Masters Swimming there is this Go The Distance Challenge. You set a goal and then log your yardage or meterage depending on the pool and it calculates your mileage. As of today I'm not too far behind where I need to be. But thanks to this week starting a new job and the pools being on different schedules I won't be able to swim but maybe Monday morning. I'll get about 4 miles behind by the weekend but can make that up easily.

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