Saturday, July 16, 2016

Using My Fears As Motivation...

I am soon heading out on my LAST Longish Run of my Ironman Training this morning with the Zs! Its hard to believe that in 8 Days... the swim... the bike... the run will be going down in Lake Placid! It's very nerve wrecking but I am using my two main fears as motivation to get me through what is going to be a magical and awesome day! The main thing I have been fearing this whole entire time is my bike nutrition! I used to use Nuun for electrolyte replacement... something that has maybe 10 or 20 calories per serving! I have now been using Skratch for months now... which has something like 90 to 100 calories per serving! It worked on my 90ish mile almost 7000 feet of climbing ride... it better work on my 112 mile 7000 feet mile of climbing ride next week! I am fearful of my nutrtion being not great again but I am motivated NOW to drink more often and of course eat as much as my stomach will allow me on the bike! The other fear I have is that my left pedal will keep popping out of the crank like it did a few weeks ago on what was supposed to be my 120ish mile bike ride! The old left pedal kept popping out because it had zero play left... well this new one has all the play in the world! I'm motivated that with 3 week old pedals I won't have that issue for a sometime! The countdown is truly on! It's AMAZING yet CRAZY that Ironman Lake Placid 2016 is right around the corner!

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