Monday, June 13, 2016

I'm Worried...

It's not that I'm worried about my training at this point with not so many week left till Ironman Lake Placid! I'm getting ALL my swims... all my bikes... and all my runs ins! I'll have three swims that should each total 1 hour 30 minutes in time! I'll have an hour flatish speedworky drilly ride on Tuesday... a hill ride on Thursday... then an 80 mile ride (I believe that's the distance) on Sunday with Team Z! I'll get my 30 minute run in this afternoon... my track workout with Team Z in on Wednesday... and a long run (most likely 14 to 16 miles) on Friday! So the training and as of right now my nutrition I trust! What I don't trust is how EVERYONE around me will react to whatever my finish time may be on July 24th! I have mixed feelings 42 days out of what my reactions may be... but I DON'T trust others! Most likely I will get laughed at and in turn feel humiliated with how Lake Placid goes no matter which way it goes! I KNOW I'm a great swimmer (and my swim goal is so doable from the great and not so great ends)... I know I can have a great bike (for my expectations anyways) as long as I follow my nutrition plans... and I know I'm a FAT ASS and SLOW ASS runner (please just say YES to that)! But the thing is... I shouldn't be worried! July 24 2016... Ironman Lake Placid... its about ME... its about MY race... it's not about anyone else's... I will TRY NOT to compare myself to any other Ironman's done... most of all Ironman Coeur D' Alene because that was a tougher course than Lake Placid is! I'm sorry for the ranting but I needed to share my thoughts!

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